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financial english
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balance of tradebilans handlowy( visible)
balance of paymentsbilans płatniczy
autarkysamowystarczalnośc gospodarcza państwa (self-sufficient without foreign trade
protectionismpolityka polegajaca na ograniczeniu importu by chronic własny rynek
factors of production, inputczynniki wytwórcze
raw materialssurowce
division of labourpodziałpracy
economies of scaleefekt skali( savings in unit cost arising from large-scale production
quotaslimity na import, restrictions on the quantity of imports
visible trade (merchandise trade)trade in raw materials and goods
barter (counter-trade)handel wymienny( exchange good without using money
domestic industriesrodzimy przemysł
comparative adventageprzewaga komparatywna
tarifftax charged on import, cło
pro-forma invoiceinvoice sent to customers before the good supplies
commercial bill (bill of exchange)weksel kupiecki, written order instructing someone to pay someone else a certain sum of money on a g
letter of creditakredytywa, paper issue by buyer's bank as proof that the seller will be paid
bill of ladinglist przewozowy, document giving title to goods that act as receipt and a contract to ship them,
bear the costponosić koszty
factoringkupowanie dyskontowych długów, selling debts at a discount to someone who will try to collect the de
at a discountpo niższej cenie( sprzedaż weksli)
EXW- ex-worksat the sellers premises, buyer bears all the cost and risk
FCA - free carrierseller delivers good to carrier named by the buyer
FAS - free alongside shipthis price include transport to the port
FOB - free on boardtransport to the port plus loading onto the ship
CFR - cost and freightseller by by transport and freight but not by insurance
freight/cargoładunek na statek/ładunek
CIF - cost, insurance and freightseller by transport and freight and marine insurence
CPT - carraige paid toCFR but in transport another than by ship
CIP - carriage and insurance paidCIF but in translort in land
DAF - delivered at frontierseller delivers goods to place on the frontier
DES - delivered ex shipseller deliver goods and make it available to buyer on board the ship
DEQ - delivered ex quaymakes the goods available to the buyer on the quay or wharf
DDP - delivered duty paidseller delivered the goods to the buyer and pay all cost and insurance
DDU - delivered unpaidseller pay everything without import charges
wharf ( quay)nabrzeze
draw up a bill of exchangesporządzać weksel
outletplace where goods are sold, rynek zbytu
distributorperson who that stocks and resell components goods from manufacturers to retailers
wholesalerintermediary who stocks good and delivers them to retailers
elastic priceprice which can be change, make low when we sell more goods
distribution channelall companies and individuals involved in moving good from the producer to the consumer
middlemanintermediary between producer and costumer
customerperson who buys something in a store
consumerperson who usees something
market skimmingcharging a high price for a new product
direct costsum of price of material and price of labour,
overheadsexpenses of operating a business that can't be charged to any one product, process or department
merchantperson who buys goods and sales them on his own account
market penetrationselling new product cheply in order to get a large market
retailermerchant who sale to the final customer, detalista
improve, go up, increase, take off, rise, grow, shoot up, soar, rocket, jumpwzrosnąć(10)
rocketwzrosnąć share prices
jumpwzrosnąć the stocks
upturnpoprawa koniunktury
upward trendkoniunktura wzrostowa
increase, growth, upturn, rise, impovement, surge, upsurge, upward trendwzrost (10)
fall, go down, come down, decline, decrease, slump, slip, plummet, shrink, fall off, dropspadać, obniżać się , kurczyć(10)
shrinkkurczyć się(ubrania
downturnpogorszenie koniunktury
downward trendspadek aktywnosci gospodarczej
fall, decrease, decline, drop, downturn, downward trendspadek
level off, remain stable, remain constant stagnate, stabilise, stay at the same levelstabilizować się
peak, reach the peak, top outosiągnąc szczyt, makimum
reach the low point, bottom outosiągnąć dno, pnkt najmniejszy
recoverwychodzić z kryzysu
considerable, significant, substantialznaczny
sharp, rapidgwałtowny
slightnieznaczny, niewielki
abrupt, suddennagły
come out of the redwyjść z długów
depressionkryzys, serious, long-lasting recession
expandrozwijac sie, rozrastac
boomperiod when demand is rising, economy is working to capacity(wydajnoć)
recessionperiod when economic activity falls and unemployment rises
contractskurczyć się( the economy