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I always get up early.I never get up late. (I always...)
We haven't been to London for 2 years.We last went to London 2 years ago. (We.....to London for 2 years)
There aren't many shops in our town.There are too few shops in our town. (There aren't ....town)
That car is ours.That's our car. (That car....)
I have been served the wrong dinner.They've served me the wrong dinner. (I.....the wrong dinner)
I didn't go out last Saturday.I stayed at home last Saturday. (I.....out last Saturday)
Excuse me, do you know where the Park Hotel is?Excuse me, where's the Park Hotel? (Excuse me, do you know.....?)
Unless you hurry up, we'll be late.We'll be late if you don't hurry up. (Unless....., we'll be late)
The winters now aren't as cold as they were in the past.In the past winters were much colder than they are now. (The winters now aren't as.....in the past)
That's the best book I have ever read.I've never read a better book. (That's.....I have ever read)
We have been in Berlin since Thursday.We arrived in Berlin on Thursday. (We ..... since Thursday)
We were having lunch when they came.They came during our lunch. (We ..... lunch when they came)
Tom said that he didn't understand French.'I don't understand French' said Tom. (Tom said that.....French)
Nigel dances very well.Nigel is a very good dancer. (Nigel dances.....)
We didn't have to buy tickets in advance.It wasn't necessary to buy tickets in advance. (We didn't have.... in advance)
There was a lot of rain last Thursday.It was a very rainy day last Thursday. (There was .... last Thursday)
She called me before going to the cinema.She called me and then she went to the cinema. (She called me ..... to the cinema)
Our dog is as old as our cat.Our dog is the same age as out cat. (Our dog is as ... our cat)
There aren't many days left until Christmas.There are only a few days left until Christmas. (There aren't .... until Christmas)
I'm going to dress more smartly from now on.I've decided to dress more smartly from now on. (I'm... more smartly from now on)
Avatar was directed by James Cameron.James Cameron directed Avatar. (Avatar... James Cameron)
I'm wondering where Jane lives.Where does Jane live? (I'm wondering....)
It was such a hot day that we decided not to go out.The day was so hot that we decided not to go out. (It was such... that we decided not to go out)
This is the club where I met my best friend.In this club I first met my best friend. (This is the club .... my best friend)
Jim's bike had been stolen by someone.Someone has stolen Jim's bike. (Jim's bike ....)
I want to get fit so I play a lot of sports.I play a lot of sports because I want to get fit. (I want to get fit ....a lot of sports)
This skirt isn't long enough.This skirt is too short. (This skirt isn't ....)
You are not allowed to use mobile phones during classes.Using mobile phones during classes is forbidden. (You are ..... mobile phones during classes).
Students must wear school uniforms.Wearing school uniforms is compulsory. (Students ...... school uniforms).
You must come to school on time.You can't be late for school. (You...... to school on time).
Every student is allowed to be unprepared three times during a term.Every student can be unprepared three times during a term. (Every student is .... during a term).
You must not destroy school property.It's not permitted to destroy school property. (You must .... school property).
Tom is liked in the office by everyone.Everyone in the office likes Tom. (Tom is....).
Three new workers were employed last week by the boss.The boss employed three new workers last week. (Three new workers....).
The new project is being prepared by the whole team.The whole team are preparing the new project. (The new project.......).
The factory was closed down by the owner this week.The owner closed down the factory this week. (The factory ......).
New documents will be left for you here.I will leave new documents for you here. (New documents.......).
I put on weight.Now I weigh more than before. (I.....weight).
The soup is too cold.The soup isn't hot enough. (The soup....cold).
There aren't many tables in this cafe.This cafe hasn't got many tables. (There....in this cafe).
How much does the watermelon cost?How much is the watermelon? (How much .....cost?)
Help yourself with a sandwich!Have a sandwich! (Help.....a sandwich!)
He said those albums were not for sale.He said: 'These albums are not for sale'. (He said those.....).
She asked me where the dry cleaner's was.She asked me: 'Where is the dry cleaner's?' (She asked me where.....)
Customers must not enter that room.Customers are not allowed to enter this room. (Customers must .....)
You have bought such a lovely dress!The dress you bought is so lovely! (You hav bought.....!)
I want to save some money so I hadn't bought anything from that stall.I didn't buy anything from that stall because I want to save some money. (I want to save some money
When you arrive at the airport, go straight to the check-in desk.After arriving at the airport, go to the check-in desk. (When ..., go straight to the check-in desk)
Shopping can be done in a duty-free shop.You can do the shopping in a duty-free shop. (Shopping.....in a duty-free shop.)
Don't forget to be at the airport two hours befor take-off.Remember to be at the airport two hours before take-off. (Don't ......two hours before take-off.)
The officer asked me if I had anything to declare.'Do you have anything to declare?' the officer asked me. (The officer asked me .... to declare.)
Nearly all flights have been delayed.Most flights have been delayed. (Nearly ..... have been delayed.)
I haven't seen a quiz show since December.The last time I saw a quiz show was in December. (I haven't seen.....December.)
Other talk shows aren't as popular as 'Let's have a talk'.'Let's have a talk' is the most popular talk show. (Other talk shows aren't .... 'Let's have a talk)
She said that there was some problem with this video.She said 'There's some problem with this video.' (She said that ..... with this video.)
The documentary has to be ready in a week.The documentary must be ready in a week. (The documentary has.....in a week.)
My programme will be broadcast after a new sitcom.They will broadcast my programme after a new sitcom. (My programme will......after a new sitcom.)
Finally he was accused of terrorism.Finally the prosecution has accused him of terrorism. (Finally he ....of terrorism.)
The police officer said he didn't believe their story.The police officer said: 'I don't believe their story.' (The police officer said he ... their story)
Is it possible for me to enter the building of the court?Can I enter the building of the court? (Is it possible...the building of the court?)
Unless you tell us the truth, you'll spend years in prison.If you don't tell us the truth, you'll spend years in prison. (Unless you ..., you'll spend years in