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Phrasal verbs "B"
autor: Wjolaa
to BACK someone UPto support someone
to BACK OUT OF sthto try avoid doing sth when you've promised to do it.
to BACK ON TOOverlooks it from the back windows
to BACK AWAY FROMto shrink back in fear from
to BACK DOWNto apologise
to BE AROUNDto be still in the same place and so be able to be contacted
to BE OUT TOTo be aiming very seriously to do sth
to BE OVERTo be finished or ended
to BE THROUGH WITHTo want no more to do with sth or someone
to BE OFF 1to leave
to BE OFF 2to be cancelled
to BE OFF 3to finish work
to BE OFF 4to go bad, of meat, butter etc.
to BE UP TO STH/no goodto be doing sth mischievous or dishonest
to BE BEHIND WITH (one's work)To have allowed more and more (work) to accumulate
to BE IN FORto be going to get usually sth unpleasant
to BE ONTo take place of concerts etc.
to BE OVER AT (a friend's)to be ona a visit to a friend's house
to BE BEHIND it allTo be really responsible for it
to BE ON TO someone about sthTo be continually criticising someone about sth
to BE WELL UP ON sthTo know a lot about sth
to BREAK UP 1To begin the school holidays
to Break UP A FIGHTTo interrupt and stop it
to BREAK UP 2To disintegrate
to BREAK UP A CAR etc.To knoc it into pieces
to BREAK UP of weatherzerwanie pogody
to OUTBREAKThe beginning of sth bad like war, epidemics etc.
to BREAK ONESELF OF A HABITTo force oneself to give it up (habit)
to BREAK WITH someoneTo stop having anything to do with someone
to BREAK WITH TRADITIONTo do sth quite different and new
to BREAK THE NEWS to someoneTo tell someone some bad news as gently as possible
to BREAK THE BACK of sthI've done most of it and all the hardest part
to BREAK THROUGHcoś się pojawilo zza czegoś np słońce zza chmur
a BREAK-THROUGHA major discovery in research
a LUCKY BREAKA stroke of luck, generally for a criminal
to drive AT BREAKNECK SPEEDTo drive dangerously fast
to BRING UP CHILDto teach it manners etc.
UPBRINGINGeducation by the parents
to BRING UP A SUBJECTTo start talking about it
to BRING UP one's foodTo be sick, vomit
to BRING STH ABOUTTo cause sth to happen
to BRING STH ONTo cause sth to happen precititately, generally used of illnes
to BRING SOMEONE ROUND 1To invite someone to accompany you on a visit
to BRING SOMEONE ROUND 2To help someone to recover after he has fainted
to BRING SOMEONE ROUND 3To persuade someone to accept the rightness of your ideas
to BRING SOMEONE THROUGH an illnessTo cure someone of an illness