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Phrasal verbs "C-D"
autor: Wjolaa
to CALL ON someoneTo visit someone
to CALL ON/UPON someone to do sthTo ask someone officially to do sth
to CALL FOR someoneTo meet someone at his house before you go out together
to CALL FOR sth 1To require or need sth
to CALL FOR sth 2To call somewhere to get something
to CALL ATTo visit for a short time for a specific purpose
to CALL STH OFFTo cancel sth
to CALL someone UPTo conscript someone for military service/ To telephone someone
to CALL someone INTo request someone's professional help
to be CAST AWAYTo be marooned on an island
to CAST OFFTo weigh anchor or unmoor a boat
to be CAST DOWNTo be very miserable
AN OUTCASTSomeone rejected by respectable society/ wyrzutek
to CATCH UP WITH 1To draw level with someone
to CATCH UP WITH 2To work hard on accumulated work
to CATCH SIGHT OFTo glimpse/ przelotne spojrzenie
to CATCH FIRETo start to burn, to burst into flames
to CATCH ON 1To understand - colloquial
to CATCH ON 2To became popular -of fashins
to COME TOTo recover after fainting
to COME ROUND 1To recover consciousness
to COME ROUND 2To visit
to COME UPON/ACROSS sthTo find sth unexpectedly
to COME ABOUTTo happen
to COME BY sthTo obtain sth suprisingly or suspiciously
to COME INTO moneyTo inherit it/ dziedziczyć
to COME OFFTo become detached of buttons eyc. / oderwany
to COME OFF WELL or BADLY in sthTo be successful or unsuccessful in sth
to COME OUT WITHTo say very unespectedly
to COME OUT 1To be published
to COME OUT 2To be discovered eventually
to COME OUT 3To be presented to society as a debutante
to COME OUT 4To open fully, of flowers
to COME OUT 5To appear, of stars
to COME OUT well or badlyTo be successful or unsuccessful, of a photograph
to COME OUTTo be removed, of stains etc.
to COME OVER 1To visit
to COME OVER 2Faint (suddenly to feel faint)
to COME THROUGHTo survive a war, an illness etc.
to COME UP TOBe not as good as we expected
to OVERCOMETo surmount/ przezwyciężać
INCOMETotal amount of money a person gets in the course of a year/ przychody
a COME-BACKTo return to the public eye with brilliant success
to be OVERCOME withTo be full of emotion
to be CUT OFFTo be isolated
to CUT OFFTo disconnect electricity
to CUT sth OUTTo do without sth, to stop it completely
to CUT DOWN ON sthTo reduce expenditure on
to CUT SCHOOLTo play truant from school
to CUT RIGHT ACROSSThaTo quite prevents us from putting our plans into practice
to CUT IN 1To interrupt a conversation
to CUT IN 2Overtaking
to CUT DOWNTo fell
a SHORT CUTA direct patch, avoiding a detour
a CUTTING REMARKA sarcastic remark, designed to hurt
to DO AWAY WITHTo abolish
IT WON'T DOIt's not good enough or suitable
to be DONE UPTo be very tired
to DO UPTo tie up
to DO UP a roomTo decorate it
to DO UP a buttonTo fasten it
to DO UP a parcelTo wrap it and tie it up
to DO WITHOUT sthTo manage without having sth
to have to DO WITH someoneTo have dealings with someone
I can't DO WITH ITI can't stand it
I could DO WITHI would like to have, I need
to make DO WITH sthTo make oneself satisfied with sth
A car DREW UPA car stopped by the kerb
to DRAW UP PLANSTo make detailed plans
to DRAW UP A CHAIRTo bring it nearer
to DRAW INIt's getting dark every evening
to DRAW OUTIt is getting dark later and later every evening
to DRAW OUT someoneTo induce someone to talk more freely
to DRAW BACK FROM doing sthTo shrink from doing sth
to WITHDRAWTo retire from a position/ wycofywać się
to WITHDRAW ONE'S CONSENTTo change one's mind after one has agreed to sth
to be DRAWN DOWN in sthTo be pulled under and killed by sth
to DRAW ONnight is drawing on/it's already getting dark