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Phrasal verbs "F-H"
autor: Wjolaa
to FALL FOR a trickTo be deceived, taken in by it/ Być oszukanym, zrozumieć to
to FALL FOR someoneTo fall in love with someone
to FALL OUT WITH someoneTo have a quarrel with someone: colloquial
to FALL IN WITH someoneTo meet someone by accident, when travelling
to FALL IN WITH someone's plansTo agree with them
to FALL OFF 1To tumble off a ledder etc.
to FALL OFF 2To diminish in numbers, grow fewer/ redukować
to FALL THROUGHOur plans came to nothing, could not be put into practice
to FALL ON ONE'S FEETTo be lucky: colloquial
DOWNFALLAs a noun means "collapse" or "ruin"
to FALL DOWNTo collapse
to GET OUT OF sthTo avoid doing sth without getting punished
to GET SOMEONE DOWNIt is depressing me
to GET AT 1To reach
to GET AT 2To mean, to try to say
to GET AT 3To attack morally: colloquial
to GET AWAY WITH a crimeNot to be punished for it
to GET OFF SCOT-FREENot to get punished for doing sth wrong
to GET OFF LIGHTLYTo receive a very slight punishment
to GET THROUGH an examinationTo pass
to GET THROUGH moneyTo spend it very quickly
to GET OVER an illnessTo recover from it
to GET OVER a lossTo recover from it
to GET OVER a difficultyTo find the slution to it
to GET BY IN an examinationTo pass it rather unexpectedly
to GET BY ASTo succeed in being misteken for
to GET ROUND someoneTo charm someone into doing what you want
to GET ON WELL WITH someoneTo live in harmony with someone or have a pleasant relationship with him
to GET ON SOMEONE'S NERVESTo make someone irritable, to annoy him very much
to GET BEHIND WITH sthTo allow work etc. to accumulate and so to get behind schedule with it
to GET DOWN To workTo settle down to it, to begin it seriously
to GET AWAYTo make one's escape
to GET ON WITH sthTo work as it and make progress in it
to GIVE OFF a smellTo emit, to exhale
to GIVE OUT a smellTo emit it
to GIVE OUT 1To be finished or all used up
to GIVE OUT 2To announce publicly
to GIVE OUT 3To distribute
to GIVE OUT 4To pretend
GIVE-AND-TAKEA compromise on both sides
to GO UP 1To become dearer
to GO UP 2To be built
to GO WITH sthTo look nice with, tle blend with in colour
to GO OVER a lessonTo revise it quickly
to GO OVER a houseTo have a look at it before buying or renting it
to GO OVER a roadTo cross it
to GO OVER a timeTo exceed the allotted time/ przekroczyć wyznacozny czas
to GO OVER to the enemyTo change one's allegiance in mid-stream
to GO OVER a problemTo think deeply about it
to GO OVERTo see someone/ visit someone
to GO OVER the edgeTo fall over the edge in an accident
to GO ONI cannot get my foot into it
to GO ON WITH sthTo continue to do sth
to GO ON dutyTo start work, especially shift-work
to GO ON leave or holidayTo begin a holiday
GO ON! 1Hurry up!
GO ON! 2Really? Are you joking? - slang
to GO OFF 1To explode
to GO OFF 2To leave someone where he is
to GO OFF 3To deteriorate, get worse
to GO OFF someoneTo like someone less than you used to
to GO OFF dutyTo finish work, especially shift-work
interview GO OFF?How do you think you did in it?
to UNDERGOTo suffer, to endure/ przecierpieć
to GO FOR someoneTo attack someone
to GO FOR sthTo like somethink: colloquial
to GO THROUGH sth 1To revise it
to GO THROUGH sth 2To explain it
to GO THROUGH sth 3To suffer it
to GO BY what someone saysI never believe it
to GO FOR NOTHINGIt was wasted, completely lost
IT'S ALL THE GOIt's very fashionable at the moment: colloquial
to GO BACK ON ONE'S WORDNot to keep one's promise
to GO TO PIECESTo collapse morally: colloguial
to HAVE A GO AT sthTo try to do sth to see if you can: colloquial
to HAVE SOMEONE ONTo tease someone, to pull his leg: colloquial
to HAVE DONE WITH ITTo finish with it, get it over
to HAVE TO DO WITH someoneTo have dealings with someone
to HAVE it FROM someoneHe told me about it
to HAVE ONWhat was she wearing
to HOLD UP 1To delay
to HOLD UP someone as a modelTo point someone as an ideal
to HOLD UP 2To support
to HOLD UP 3To raise
to HOLD UP someoneTo point a gun at aomeone and demand money
to HOLD DOWN a nationTo oppress it
to HOLD DOWN a jobTo keep it for some time
to HOLD TOGETHERIt wasn't logically planned, it wasn't coherend
to HOLD ONE'S BREATHNot to breath for few seconds
to HOLD ONE'S TONGUETo keep quiet
HOLD ON!Wait a minute! (telephone)
to HOLD sth OVER SOMEONE'S HEADTo threaten someone with sth
to HAVE A HOLD ON someoneTo know sth albout someone that could be used against him if he didn't do what you wanted