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Phrasals K-L
autor: Wjolaa
to keep up a houseto maintain it in good condition
to keep up someone's interestnot to allow someone to get bored
to keep up with the Jonesesto aim at not being left behind them socially: to have as many 'status symbols' as they have
I can't keep up with youYou are going too fast for me, either physically in walking or intellectually
to keep up withlin touch with someoneto remain in contact
to keep to the pointto cut out irrelevant matter
to keep on with somethingto continue to work at something
to keep house for someoneto do the housework for someone: to be a housekeeper
Keep off the grassDo not walk on it
to keep off a subjectTo avoid mentioning it
to keep off mosquitoes, flies etc.To prevent them from worrying you
Keep out!Do not enter
to keep something from someonePrevent him from finding out about it
to knock down someoneTo knock someone flat in an accident or fight
I knocked him down to $5I haggled until he agreed to accept $5 for the article: colloquial
to knock up someoneTo awaken someone at a certain time
to knock up somethingTo make it oneself
to knock someone outTo punch someone so that he falls down unconscious-in boxing or a fight
to lay down the lawTo speak with great authority-generally without any justification
to lay down one's lifeTo sacrifice it for one's country
to lay down one's armsTo surrender
to lay on electricity, gas, etc.To supply it by connecting it up to the main
the lay-out of a garden etc.The design of it
to lead offTo start a discussion etc
to be led away by one's feelingsTo be overpowered by them so that one loses rational control
to be laid up with...To be confined to bed on the doctor's orders because of . . .
to lay off workersTo tell workers to go home because there is no work for them
a leading questionA question designed to elicit a particular answer
to let someone downTo fail someone by not keeping one's promise
to let someone into a roomTo allow someone to enter
to let someone into a secretTo tell someone it
to let off roomsTo allow tenants to occupy them
to let off fireworks or gunsTo make them explode
to let someone offNot to punish someone when he could justifiably be punished
to let out clothesTo make them larger: the opposite of to take in clothes
to let out a secretTo betray it by accident
to look atTo view, to observe
to look on/upon someone as a friendTo regard someone as a friend
to look onTo be a passive spectator
an onlookerA chance spectator
to look over 1To check or correct a manuscript etc.
to look over 2To give a view of
to look over someone's bookTo get help by seeing what he has written
to overlook 1To give a view of
to overlook 2Not to notice: to miss a mistake etc.
to overlook 3To forgive
to look into somethingTo investigate something
to look down on someoneTo despite someone
to look up to someoneTo admire someone
to look someone upTo take the trouble to visit someone when you happen to be in his home town
to look someone up and downTo survey someone critically from head to foot
to look through somethingto read something rather cursorily
to look for 1To search for something lost
to look for 2To expect or exact
to look forward to doing somethingTo expect to enjoy something
to look like someoneTo resemble someone
It looks like remaining fineIt will probably remain fine
What does he look like?What kind of appearance does he present?
to look after something or someoneTo take care of something or someone
to look out overTo command a view of
Look out!take care!