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Phrasals M-R
autor: Wjolaa
to make out 1To find out or discover
to make out 2To understand
to make out 3To see in the distance with difficulty
to make out a cheque, bill, list etcTo write it out
to make out 4To pretend
to make up one's faceTo use cosmetics
to make up a prestriptionTo make the medicine from the doctor's instructions
to make up a storyTo invent it
to make up a parcelTo tie it with paper and string
to make up one's mindTo decide
to make up a fireTo put more coal on it
to make up a quarrelTo become reconciled after quarrelling
to make up a fourTo be fourth player in a game of cards or tennis
to make up a billTo add up the items on it and present it to the customer
to make up a bedTo prepare a spare bed to receive a visitor
to make up to someoneTo be particularly charming because you want someone to do something for you
make-up (as a noun) 1Cosmetics
make-up (as a noun) 2A person's fundamental character
to be made up ofto be composed of
to make away with someoneTo murder someone: colloquial
to make do with somethingTo manage with something because one cannot afford to get anyhting better
Made it!I've managed it! I've succeeded in doing it: colloquial
to make a clean breast of somethingTo confess something fully
to make hay while the sun shinesto take one's opportunity when it comes
to make a mountain out of a molehillTo exaggerate the importance of something
to pass oneself off as someoneTo pretend to be someone
to pass on 1To dies euphemism
to pass on information or newsTo tell it to others
to pass outTo faint
to pass out 2To finish one's initial period of training in the army, an apprenticeship etc.
to pass down knowledge from father to sonTo transmit it orally so as to exclude others from the secret of how to do it
Things have come to a pretty passthe situation has become really serious
to pull out a toothTo extract it
A car pulled outIt left the kerb after being parked there or moved towards the centre of the road to overtake
to pull someone's legTo tease, joke with someone: colloquial
to pull down a buildingTo demolish it
An attack of flu pulls you downIt makes you feel weak and depressed for a long time afterwards
to pull something off 1To remove an object
to pull something off 2To succeed in an endeavour: colloquial
to pull roundto recover from illness
to pull someone roundTo cure someone of an illness
to pull oneself togetherTo control one's behaviour with an effort;to force oneself to behave rationally: colloquial
to pull upTo stop-used of cars, taxis etc.
to pull stringsTo use personal influence, e.g. to obtain a job. This expression is derived from puppetry: colloquia
to pull throughTo survive an illness
to pull someone throughTo cure someone of an illness
outputProduction, either industrial or artistic
to put off a lightTo switch it off
to put off doing somethingTo avoid doing something
to put someone off the idea of doing somethingTo discourage someone from doing something
to put someone off someoneThat put me off him. (It made me dislike him.)
to put in an hour's workTo do it
to put inTo interrupt a conversation
to put in at a portTo call at it on the way to somewhere else
to put in a good word for someoneTo speak well of someone: to recommend him
to put in an applicationTo write it and send it off
to put in electric light, central heating etc.To install it
to put on weightTo get fatter
to put on airsTo behave affectedly
to put on a lightTo switch it on
to put on clothesTo dress oneself in them
It is all put onIt is all affectation and pretence
to put something acrossHe cannot put it across to his students (He cannot convey his knowledgeto them adequately)
to put down a depositTo make a down payment, to pay a proportion of the price of an article to reserve it
to put down a rebellionTo quell it, to suppress it
to put down notesTo write them down
to put down someone as a foolTo judge someone to be a fool
I put his failure down to lazinessI attribute it to laziness
to put up housesTo build them
to put up the priceTo increase it
to put up at an innTo stay at it
to put up someoneTo accommodate someone
to put up a good fightTo resist stoutly
to put up with somethingTo tolerate something, to stand it, to bear it
to put forward a plan etc.To suggest it
to put something into practiceTo convert ideas into actions
to run out of somethingTo have no more left
to run in a carTo get a new car engine used to working by using it gently
to run in a criminalTo arrest him: colloquial
to run into someoneTo meet someone by chance
to run off with someoneTo elope with someone
to run over someoneTo injure someone by running your car over him accidentally
to run over somethingTo revise something quickly
to be run downTo be overtired and rather ill
to run up billsTo get more and more into debt
to run through a bookTo skim through it quickly
to run through moneyTo squander it
to run across somethingTo find something by chance
to run a business etc.To manage it, organise it
to be on the runTo have escaped from prison and not to have been caught yet
in the long runThe new tax will be effective in the long run (it will not have much effect at first)
to run short of somethingTo have very little left
to overrun a countryTo spread all over it-used of bad things like pests, plagues, invading armies etc