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Phrasals S-T
autor: Wjolaa
to see someone offTo go and say goodbye to someone at the last moment before he leaves on a journey
to see to 1I must get someone to see to my watch. (To mend it.)
to see to 2I must see to getting lunch. (Either go and cook it myself or arrangefor it to be cooked.)
Invigilators see to it that candidates don't cheatThey make sure
to foresee somethingTo anticipate it
to see someone to the door / to see someone outTo accompany someone to the door when he or she is leaving
to see through someoneTo realise the real personality under the veneer
to set someone against someoneto make someone dislike someone else
to set off/out on a journeyto start it
to set out to do somethingTo attempt to do something
to set up asTo establish oneself in business as
to upset somethingTo knock it over
to upset someoneTo hurt someone's feelings and make him unhappy
to set a dog on someoneTo order it to attack someone
to set one's heart on doing somethingTo be exceedingly anxious to do something: to make it one's ambition to do it
to set aside moneyTo reserve it for a special purpose
to show up 1To be noticeable against a different background
to show up 2To put in an appearance
to show offTo try to impress people
to show off somethingTo display something to good advantage
to slip outTo go out quickly without being seen
It just slipped outI said it without thinking
to slip on a coatTo put it on quickly
to slip on a banana skin etc.To skid and nearly fall down because you tread on it
to slip upTo make quite a serious mistake
to slip awayTo go off without being noticed 1
Time slipped awayIt passed quickly
to slip offTo go off without being noticed 2
to slip off a coat etc.To take it off quickly
to slip one's mindto forgot it
to stand up to someoneTo resist someone, oppose him
Those shoes won't stand up to hard wearThey cannot be worn often or in bad weather; they are flimsy, not strongly made
to stand up for something or someoneTo defend something or someone, physically or morally
to stand byTo hold oneself in readiness
to stand by someoneTo support someone and remain loyal to him
a standbyA reserve supply
to stand for ParliamentTo be a candidate in the elections for it
I won't stand for itTolerate it, put up with it
He stands for freedom from wantDefends it in principle
to stand out against something 1To resist something in principle
to stand out against something 2To be clearly silhouetted against something
outstandingExceptional, much better than anything or anyone else
to stick to somethingTo adhere to something
to be stuckTo be puzzled; not to know how to proceed: colloquial
to take someone outTo invite someone out
to take (a fancy) to someoneTo like someone very much immediately:colloquial
to undertake to do somethingTo promise, to guarantee it
to take in lodgersTo accept them into one's house
to take someone inTo deceive someone, cheat him: colloquial
to take in clothesTo make them smaller
the intake 1New pupils admitted to a school
the intake 2Consumption of food per day
to take off trainsTo reduce the service
to take off someoneTo imitate or mimic someone
to take offTo leave the ground of aeroplanes
to take off someoneTo remove someone to prison
to take something down 1To write it down
to take something down 2To dismantle it
to be taken abackTo be very surprised
to take back a remarkTo apologise for having made it
to be taken with somethingTo find something very charming
His time is taken up with his hobbiesFilled with, occupied with
to take up roomTo occupy it
to take up a questionTo raise it, to speak about it
to take up golf etc.To learn it, to begin to play it
to take after one's parentsTo inherit characteristics from them
to take something awayTo remove something
to take on a job or betTo accept it
to take placeTo occur
to take something into accountTo make allowances for something
to take over from someoneTo replace someone permanently
to overtake someoneTo pass someone by going more quickly than he does
What do you take me for?What kind of person do you think I am?
to take time offNot to go to work without any good reason
Take it easy!Relax. Don't worry
to throw something at someoneSo that he is hit by it
to throw something to someoneSo that he can catch it
to throw something awayTo discard something
to throw upTo vomit
to throw up a jobTo resign from it: colloquial
to throw in the spongeltowelTo acknowledge oneself beaten
to turn inTo go to bed: colloquial
to turn someone inTo hand someone over to the police: colloquial
to turn intoTo change or transform into
to turn out goodsTo manufacture or produce them
to turn out a roomTo clean it very thoroughly
to turn out well or badlyTo have a good or bad result
to turn over in bedTo change one's position and sleep on the other side
to turn roundTo face in another direction
to turn overa page etc.
to turn out 1To leave the shelter of one's house to watch a procession, ceremony etc
to turn up one's trousersTo roll them up
to turn down a wirelessTo make it softer
to turn down a streetTo change direction and begin to go down it
to turn out a lightTo switch it off
to turn out one's pocketsTo empty them and pull them inside out to prove it
to turn upTo arrive
to turn up a wirelessTo make it louder
to turn up one's nose at somethingTo think that it is not good enough for one
to turn down an offerTo reject it
to turn something over in one's mindto think about something deeply before reeching a decision
to turn out someone*To expel someone and force him to leave
to turn someone over to the policeTo hand someone in to them
He turned out to have been at school with my fatherWe unexpectedly discovered that in the course of conversation