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GRAMATYKA Dependent Preposition Patterns VERBS
autor: aviete
agreeabout sth with sb// with sb about/ over sth
apologiseto sb for sth
complainabout sth to sb/ to sb about sth
dependon sb/ sth for sth
disagreewith sb about/ over sth
relyon sb/ sth for sth
accusesb of sth
acquit (uniewinnić)sb of sth
advisesb against/ of sth
aimsth at sb
arrestsb for sth
beatsb at sth
blamesb for/ on sth
bothersb with sth
compensatesb for sth
congratulatesb for/ on sth
convict (skazać)sb of sth
convince (przekonać)sb of sth
criticisesb for sth
curesb of sth
deprive (pozbawić)sb of sth
describesth to sb
discusssth with sb
explainsth to sb
helpsb with sth
lend (wypożyczać, użyczać)sth to sb
makesth for sb
persuadesb of sth
praisesb for sth
presentsb with sth/ sth to sb
preventsb from -ing
protectsb from sth
providesb with sth/ sth for sb
reassure (uspokajać)sb of sth
release (uwolnić)sb from sth
rescuesb from sth
rid (pozbyć się, usunąć)sb of sth
rob (obrabować)sb of sth
savesb/ sth from sth
starvesb of sth
stealsth from sb
stopsb from -ing
strip (rozbierać, obnażyć)sb of sth
supplysb with sth// sth for/ to sb
suspect (podejrzewać)sb of sth
throwsth at sb/ sth to sb
warnsb about/ against sth
welcomesb to sth