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Literatura III
autor: Wjolaa
William Bradford'What could now sustain them but the spirit of God's and it's grace?'
William Bradford'Being thus arrived in a good harbor and brought safe to land (...)'
Samuel Sewall'Good seems to have ordained our hair as a test (...)'
George Burr'(...) the Salem Witchcarft'
Johnathan Edwards'the wratch of God is like great waters'
Johnathan Edwards'the God that holds you over the pitiful hell (...)'
Johnathan Edwards'the sword of divine justice'
Thomas Jefferson'A right of departing from the country wchich choice not chance placed them'
Thomas Jefferson'Kings are servants (...)'
Thomas Jefferson'All men are created equal (...)'
Thomas Jefferson'God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time'
John Locke'Reason, which is that how teaches all mankind (...)'
Benjamin Franklin'From rags to riches'
Benjamin Franklin'the taxes are not a problem (...) ileness, folly, pride'
Nathaniel Hawthorne'the world's law was no law for her'
Ralph Waldo Emerson'Every real man must be a man-conformist'
Ralph Waldo Emerson'staning on the bare ground (...)'
Ralph Waldo Emerson'Every natural process is a reversion of a moral sentence'
Ralph Waldo Emerson'the moral law lies at the centre of nature'
Ralph Waldo Emerson'nature is not fixed but fluid'
Ralph Waldo Emerson'a foolish consistency in the hobgobin (...)'
Margaret Fuller'there's no wholly masculine man (...)'
Henry Thorean'old deeds for old people (...)'
Henry Thorean'i got up early and bathed in the pond (...)'
Henry Thorean'rather that love, than money (...)'
Henry Thorean'however mean is your wife (...)'
Henry Thorean'only that day downs to which (...)'
Thomas Paine'there are times that try men's soul'
Philip Frenean'there are few writers of books in this now world (...)'