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55&54 BCJulius Ceasar&troops lands in Britain
43 ADsystematic Roman conquest of Britain begins
376attacks on Roman Britain by Scots, Picts and Saxons
383Roman legions recalled to the metropoly
410Last Roman troops leave Britain
449Germanic tribes invade the island an begin its conquest
500battle at a Mans Badonieus losy by Germanic invaders stops the conquest of Britain in the south
547the establishment of an Anglian Kingdom north of the Humber
597St. Augistin rrives in Kent to begin christianisation of Germanic inhabitants
634Irish monks brought to christianize Northumbria
655the conversion of Mercia completed by Northumbin and Irish missionaries
664the Synod of Whitby
725approximate date of the oral composition of Beowulf
787beginning of Danish invsion
865the second Danish invasion
871-899the reign of King Alfred the Great
879the Treaty of Wedmore (Danelaw)
886King Alfred occupies London
964beginning of the monastic reform which influenced the standarisation of English
973the coronation of Edgar as the first king of the whole England
991Olaf Tryggrsan invades England - the third stage of Danish invasion
1066Battle of Hastings, French and Latin -> official language
1154Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Peterborough Chronicle) ends
1204King John loses Normandy, the development of English ntionalism
1258King Henry III issues the first proclamation since the Norman Conquest
1337-1453Hundred Year's War
1348-1350The Black Death
1362the Parliament is opened for the first time in English
1381the Peasant Revolt
1385English introduced in schools
1413the first English King
1476William Caxton establishes the first printing press in Westminister