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Karol test - gramm
autor: aviete
would you mind -ingcould you do...
sth/ sentenceowing to (w związku z)
past simple - present/ past perfect - pastwish
if notunless
in spite OF/ despite the fact/ sth/ -ingalthough + sentc.
i haven seen since/ forthe last time I saw
needn't do/ have doneno necessary for sb to do sth
I have never met such a strange manIt's the strangest met I have ever met
the same number ofas many as
the same amount asas much as
If + present simple/ will do1 cond
If + past simple/ would do2 cond
If + past perfect/ would have done3 cond
...have done...will ..... by
I would rather you..I would prefer if you
she asked whether she would seewill I ever see? > she asked...
was nothingwasn't anything
no sooner had he done, when he didhe had just did, when he did
sb should do/ doingsuggest
liedlie (past)
must have workedmust work (past)
the more........... the moreim więcej, tym więcej/ bardziej
why/ that/ for sb's stha few resons
past simpleit's high time
have (odmienne) sth donemieć coś robione
sb of doing sthaccuse
sb with sthjudge
sth to sthprefer
present perfect SINCE past simplecoś OD KIEDY coś
on doing sthinsist
be used to dobyć przyzwyczajonym do
let sb down withdissappoint sb with
work onpracować nad
to somebodyv vfor sthapologise
the only person..except...
not only.. but alsonie tylko, ale i
take notice of sb/ sthpay attention to sb/ sth
he is said to be/ dothe say he.... (sentc)
what's your opinion OF?wha do you think ABOUT....?
give up/ stop doing sthskończyć z czymś 2
in one hour he will have been doing sth for..za godzinę to będzie już ... jak on coś robi
should you/ if youinne na pierwszy warunkowy
look forwad to ingnie móc sie do czekać czegoś
to do/ to have doneclaim
bez will >>>> PRESENT SIMPLE!till
pas simple/ past - past perfect (cont)if only...
ing WHILE ingwhile
used to doingbyć przyzwyczajonym do
too vfast toso fast that
would it be possible for me towould you mind if I do
I'm sorry + sentcI would like to... when I was younger
I find it....It's easier/ more difficult for me.........
be allowed tosb let sb sth
be supposed to do sthsb should do sth
I don't feel like doing sthI'd rather not do sth....