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autor: martaa34
condemnhate, scorn, despise
conductguide, direct, control, run
abruptsudden, instantenous, steep
conform into sthdostosowac sie do czegos
miscellaneousvaried, divered, mixed, diversified
sundryvarious, varied, miscellaneous
overwhelmingoverpowering, massive, huge
detrimentalharmful, injurious
arbitrarysubjective, despotic
inveterateconfirmed, hardened, deep-rooted
to sublimateto purify, filter, refine
set forthexpress, present, explain
versatilitybe able to be used in many ways, roznorodnosc
distinguishedeminent, respected, dignified
edificationspiritual, moral, ethical, dignified, oswiecenie, umoralnienie
persistentcontinuing, stubborn
reignrule, govern
misplaced (adj)wrong, mistaken
to advocatespeak in favour, promote, support
preconceptionstereotypical pattern of thinking, prejudice
scrutiniseanalyse, examine, look closely at issue
unwieldynieporeczny, cumbersome, awkward
recastreshape, reformulate
parenthesisbrackets, digression, afterthoughts
judicioussensible, wise
to administerto deal, share, ascribe, give out
deprecatediminish, devaluate, dezaprobowac
substantialbig, massive, well-built
self-deprecatingmodest, skromny
pry into sb's businesspoke one's nose into sb else's business
piquantspicy, interesting, exciting
frockevening dress
infidelityunfaithfulness in marriage
workhorsewol roboczy
beleagueredtroubled, harrassed
earn a frowndeserve criticism
condescendhumiliate, descend
principalprime, the most important
entrustto trust sb to do sth well
godsenddar niebios, wybawienie
prone tosklonny do zrobienia czegos
promiscuousrozwiazly, przypadkowy
seductiveuwodzicielski, ponetny
respectabilitypowazanie, szacunek
to goadbribe, podjudzac