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writing 2
autor: martaa34
be based onoparty na
put forwardpropose sth
objectivebased only on facts
subjectiveinfluenced by personal beliefs
impartialuninfluenced by personal beliefs
biased in favour ofshowing unreasonable liking for sth based on personal beliefs
biased againstnie lubic czegos osobiscie
prejudiced againstshowing unreasonable dislike for sth
prejudiced in favour ofopposite: prejudiced against
rationalbased only on reason
irrationalnot based on reason
radicalbelieving that there should be extreme political or social change
standpointset of principles or beliefs on the basis of which opinions are formed
reactionaryopposed to political or social chande or new ideas
conservativenot inclined to trust change, especially if it is sudden
immaturelacking in experience
ideologyset of beliefs - political organisation based on it
philosophysuggests a set of beliefs - much more serious
hold viewshave opinions
adopt a stancetake a position
shift sb's positionchange sb's point of view a little
have ethical objections to sth/sbdislike for reasons relating to morality
principle underlyingbasic idea lying behind
encounter prejudiceexperience unreasonable negative behaviour
deep-rooted prejudicesstrong, unreasonable negative views
but at the same timew tym samym czasie
despite the factpomimo faktu
be relevant toodnoszacy sie do tematu
for the purposesdla celow
be scrutinisedbe analised, examined, looked closely at an issue
refer toodnosic sie do czegos
on the subject ofna temat
beyond the scope ofpoza zakresem czegos
with reference toodnosnie czegos
as well astak dobrze jak
on top of whichna szczycie ktorych
in addition tododatkowo, oprocz czegos
furtherdalszy, kolejny
moreover/furthermoreco wiecej
for example/for instancenp
to what extentdo jakiego stopnia
the pros and consadvantages and disadvantages
in the sense thatused to explain what has been just said
provided thatpod warunkiem ze
albeitaczkolwiek, although
that's all very well, butindicates a partial agreement, followed by a disagreement
having said thatpowiedziawszy to
apart fromoprocz czegos
even sonawet pomimo tego
and so on/ and so forthetc
the degree/extent to whichstopien do ktorego
but at the same timeale w tym samym czasie
nevertheless/nonethelessniemniej jednak, however
depletedpoor, reduced, zubozaly
push the frontiers of knowledgebroaden the horizons of knowledge
blending of ideasmieszanka pomyslow