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Literatura cytaty
autor: Wjolaa
Mark TwainMy books are simply autobiographies
Henry JamesConsiocus artistry&treatment of the subject is the key
Henry James'bad' novels and 'good' novels are matter of taste
Henry JamesThe only reason for the existence of a novel is that it does attempt to represent life
William Dean Howellsnothing more& nothing less that trustful treatment of material
John Steinbeckmodern AAmerican nostalgia for the primitive, the counter-reaction(...)
Charlotte Perkins Gilmanwomen's work& woman themselves should be separated fromthe domestic sphere
Francis Scott Fitzgeralda new generation, grown up to find all bods dead, all wars faught, all faiths in man shaken
Gertrude Steinyou are all a lost generation
Matthew Cowleythe extintion of the fittest
Ernest Hemingwayliterature is architecture, not inferior decoration and the Baroque is over
Ernest Hemingwaya man can be destroyed but not defeated
J. Howea moraal faable of which the materials derive from Southern (...)
Robert Frostfree verse is like playing tennis without a net