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Thomas Wolfe"Look Homeward, Angel"
Thomas Wolfe"You can't go home again"
Nathaniel West"Miss Lonely Hearts"
Nathaniel West"The Day of the Locust"
William Faulkner"Soldiers' Pay"
William Faulkner"Mosquitoes"
William Faulkner"Sartoris"
William Faulkner"The Sound and the Fury"
William Faulkner"As I Lay Dying"
William Faulkner"Light in August"
William Faulkner"Absalom, Absalom"
William Faulkner"The Hamlet"
William Faulkner"The Town"
William Faulkner"The Mansion"
Robert Frost"A Boy's Will"
Robert Frost"North of Boston"
Robert Frost"Mountain Interval"
Robert Frost"Collected Poems"
Ezra Pound"The Cantos"
Thomas Elliot"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
Thomas Elliot"The Waste Land"
Thomas Elliot"The Hollow Men"
Thomas Elliot"Ash Wenesday"
Thomas Elliot"Four Quartets"
Langston Hughes"The Weary Blues"
Countee Cullen"Copper Sun"
Claude McKay"Home to Harlem"
Jean Toomer"Cane"
Jean Toomer"The New Negro"
Eugene O'Neill"Anna Christie"
Eugene O'Neill"Desire under the Elms"
Eugene O'Neill"Emperor Jones"
Eugene O'Neill"Mourning Becomes Electra"