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LITERATURA PART 1 - information about authors
autor: eworek
explorer,soldier and writerCapitan John Smith
settled in Jamestown in 1607 and was elected pres.of colonyCapitan John Smith
Captured by chief Powhatan and rescued by PocahontasCapitan John Smith
Soldier and explorerSir Walter Raleigh
planted 3 colonies on the coast of South CarolinaSir Walter Raleigh
brought back tobacco & potatoSir Walter Raleigh
made popular "City of Gold"- El DoradoSir Walter Raleigh
ordained priest and expert of geographyRichard Hakluyt
Diverse Voyages Touching the...Richard Hakluyt
The Principal Navigations, Voyages,Traffiques..Richard Hakluyt
Governor of Plymouth PlantationWilliam Bradford
The woyage to the new world was seen as a part of the divine planWilliam Bradford
A search for meaningWilliam Bradford
Disperdal of the community (rozproszenie)William Bradford
lawyer and the governor of Massachusetts Bay ColonyJohn Winthrop
he wrote a lay sermon A Model of Christian CharityJohn Winthrop
Planting "A City upon hill"John Winthrop
Wonder-Working Providence-first New Engl. history to be publishedEdward Johnson
America as a place of final battle between Christ and SatanWonder-Working providence
very well educated, ended Hardvard collegeMichael Wigglesworth
The Day of the DoomMichael Wigglesworth
epic about the Judgement DayThe Day of the Doom
cruel to the reader, simple vocabulary, rhymes and references to the BibleThe Day of the Doom
Poet, tensions unusual to the Puritan way of thinkingAnne Bradstreet
The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in AmericaAnne Bradstreet
Reality and world of the bibleThe Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America
pastor, educated and religious man, known for excellent sermonsEdward Taylor
poetry unpublished during lifetimeEdward Taylor
Manuscript found in Yale and published laterEdward Taylor
the finest poet of the colonial periodEdward Taylor
combat between Satan and Christ for human souldGod's Determination E.Taylor
Tradition of the English metaphysical poetryE.Taylor
considered a child prodigy,Jonathan Edwards
graduated from Yale at the age of 17Jonathan Edwards
idealist, one of the best minds America hadJonathan Edwards
The reason of Halfway CovenantJonathan Edwards
born in Boston, moved to PhiladelphiaBenjamin Franklin
his own life became epitome of the American myth, "from rags to riches"Benjamin Franklin
polymath, inventor, businessman, statesman, writerBenjamin Franklin
founded first public libraryBenjamin Franklin
he invented lighting rod, bifocal lens,Benjamin Franklin
1750 elected to Pennsylvania AssemblyBenjamin Franklin
delegated to Continental CongressBenjamin Franklin
representative of American ColoniesBenjamin Franklin
One of the first draftees of constitutionBenjamin Franklin
only founding father who signed all 4 documentsBenjamin Franklin
principal author of the Declaration of the IndependenceThomas Jefferson
3rd president of the USAThomas Jefferson
one of the most brilliant men of EnlightmentThomas Jefferson
polymath in the arts, science and politicsThomas Jefferson
designed his own house in Monticello,VirginiaThomas Jefferson
studied at college of William&MaryThomas Jefferson
educated himself by reading extensivelyThomas Jefferson
inherited land estate and slavesThomas Jefferson
became president in 1800Thomas Jefferson
purchase Louisiana TerritoryThomas Jefferson
founded University of VirginiaThomas Jefferson
believed in racial inferiorityThomas Jefferson
signed the Act Prohibiting Importation of SlavesThomas Jefferson
political philosopher and writerThomas Paine
born in England and moved to USThomas Paine
editor of the Pennsylvania MagazineThomas Paine
Common SenseThomas Paine
interpreter of the US ConstitutionAlexander Hamilton
supporter of a central strong governmentAlexander Hamilton
author of the Federalist PapersAlexander Hamilton
85 essays in the New York Independent JournalAlexander Hamilton
appointed Secretary of the TreasuryAlexander Hamilton
poet of the American RevolutionPhilip Freneau
graduated from the College of New JerseyPhilip Freneau
captured at the sea by British and spend 6 weeks in prisonPhilip Freneau
edited newspapers, took part in politicsPhilip Freneau
he wrote about many subjects: politics,nature, American Indians, sea, battlesPhilip Freneau
a pre-Romanticist : close attention to naturePhilip Freneau
The Indian Burying GroundPhilip Freneau
The Wild HoneysucklePhilip Freneau