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Grądzia-przyimki i podobne phrasale Consolidation2
autor: aviete
take careof
apprehensiveabout/ of (worried, afraid)
bearwith (be patient enough)
for salena sprzedaż
absorbed bywchłonięty (soaked)
absorbed ininvolved
in possesion ofhaving sth
in the possesion ofowned by
to meddle withinterfere with objects
to meddle ininterfere in some situation (wtrącać się)
advise sb ofinform sb
advise sb ongive advice
at handcoming soon
in handbeing dealt with
support sb withprovide help with sth
support sb inhelp in particular situation
on sightseeable
by sightz widzeinia
respond withreact in particular way
respond toreact in particular situation
blow up at sbbe very angry with sb
baffeledvery confused
coincide withbe at the same time
healtreat injures
lean meatnot fat meat
decomposeddead body is.........
twitteringbirds talks
howlingwolfs/ dogs long bark
executedbe said guilty after the trial
crumbspieces of bread
gratedpieced cheese
fadedisappear (about hair colour)
toss a coindecide using a coin
copymake the same picture
squirmwith embarrassment (wiercić się)
to concedea defeat (przyznać się do porażki)
to devoura meal (pochłonąć)
to razea city (zrównać z ziemią)
to cropthe grass (cut)
to exterminatea race of people (wyniszczyć)
to interrupta speech (wtrącać się)
to floutthe law (lekceważyć)
to immitatesbs behaviour (naśladować)
to heala wound (wyleczyć)
be cruel toto treat sb badly
on the spur of the momentwithout planning
be different frombe not the same
be a mixed blessinghave good and bad points
drive a hard bargain in sthsucced in making a profit
to have a bee in your bonnethave an obsession about
have butterflies in stomachbe very nervous
Too many cooksspoil the broth.
A stitch in timesaves nine.
A bird in the handis worth two in the bush.
Too many chiefsbut not enough Indians.
The early birdcatches the worm.
Make haywhen the sun shines.
Every cloudhas a silver lining.
It never rainsbut it pours.
Theres no usecrying over spilt milk.
Actions speaklouder than words.
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