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2016_10 idiomy
autor: daraw
to put it in a nutshellto give the main facts in a short, clear way
to get straight to the pointto talk about the most important thing
to hear it on the grapevineto hear about smth because the information has passed from one person to another in conversation
to put someone in the pictureto give the latest information (naświetlić sytuację, wdrożyć w temat)
to get the wrong end of the stickto not understand smth
to be on the same wavelengthto share similar options and ideas (nadawac na tej samej fali)
can't make head nor tail of itto fail to understand anything
to talk at cross-purposesto not understand someone
to beat about the bushto delay talking about smth (owijać w bawełnę)
to get it straight from the horse's mouthto be told smth by someone who has direct knowledge of it
to be like talking to a brick wallto try communicate with unresponsive person (gadac jak do ściany)
to keep someone in the loopto include someone in group comunication, to keep someone informed