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retractorsThese instruments hold open the site of operation during surgery
scrubThe ... nurse provides instruments for the surgeon and assists when necessary during an operation
catheterThis is inserted to drain urine from the bladder
swivel armThis allows the surgeon to move the lights easily into position
flow metreThis shows the anaesthetist the quantity of nitrous oxide or oxygen whichis being given
sterilizerEquipment is put in this to remove all germs
respiratorThis equipment keeps the patient breathing during surgery
electrodesThese are attached to the patient's body to pick up heart activity
suctionThis equipment is used to draw off any blood and body fluids during surgery
electrocardiographThis equipment monitors heart activity
theatre gownsThese are worn by surgeons and nurses in the theatre
dressing materialThese are placed over wounds at the end of the operation
drapesThe patient and trolleys in theatre are covered in sterile ...
pedestalThe operating table has no legs. It stands on a ...
traySterile instruments are placed and carried in this
a tube of ointmenttubka maści
a jar of creamsłoik kremu
a bootle of solutionbutelka płynu
a box of plasterspudełko plastrów
a vial of glucagen injectionfiołka glukagenu
an ampoule of vaccineampułka szczepionki
a tin of lozengespuszka pastylek
a packet of gauze swabspaczka gazików
a roll of taperolka plastra
a soap dispanserdozownik mydła
a bar of soapkostka mydła
a bag of cotton woolworek waty
a cartridge of insulinnabój insuliny
a sachet of crystalssaszetka kryształów