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Vocabulary part 2
autor: Wjolaa
AMASS sthto collect a very large amount of sth
ESCALATEsth becomes both bigger and worse
PROLIFERATEsth increases enormously in number
ENHANCEto increase and improve the good quality value
TO APOLOGIZE PROFUSELYto apologize at length and sicerely
AMPLY REWARDEDto gain a big rewards from sth
RELY/DEPEND HEAVILY ONto rely on depend on sb/sth very much
SEVERELYvery much, when describing bad situations, actions, events or feelings
CONTAIN A FEELINGyou succeed in preventing yourself from expressing it
RESTRICT YOURSELF TOyou limit yourself to that, you don’t exceed it
INHIBITto prevent sb from having the confidence to say or do sth
RESERVE JUDGEMENTsomeone decides not to give an opinion, perhaps until sb has been able to consider the matter or unt
AIR VIEWS / OPINIONSto express your opinions openly
AIR GRIEVANCESyou say you are very unhappy abot sth which you feel to be unfair or unjustified and which affects y
DIVULGEto give sb information that is supposed to be secret ( syn:reveal)
GO ANGER / FRUSTRATIONto express the feeling openly
UTTER STH1.to emphasize how complete sth is 2.to express sth openly
BE AT PAINS TOto take great care and try hard to make sure that you do it
MAKE AN EFFORTto try to do sth
TAKE A LOT OF TROUBLEto make a lot of effort and take a lot of care in order to do it
BEST ENDEAVOURSthe greatest efforts you can make , trying as hard as you can
REVIVEto improve sth and return to a good conditio or level after a period of doing badly
RENEW YOUR ACQUAINTANCEyou have contact with sb again after after a period without any contact
REFRESH SOMEONE’S MEMORYto remind sth what has been forgotten
REINSTATE1.to return sth to its previous position 2.to give back a job or position that had been taken away f
KEEP PACE WITHto move at the same speed as sb
KEEP TRACK OF STH (śledzić )to follow the changes or developmnent
FOLLOW THE PROGRESS OFyou continue to be informed about development in it
KEEP IN STEP WITHYou make sure that you respond to the way it develops by doing the same
DAMPENS YOUR SPIRITS / ENTHUSIASMit causes you to stop being very happy/ lively / enthusiastic
FEAR RECEDESIt begins to disappear
BELITTLEto say or act as if it has much less value or importance than it really has
ATTACH IMPORTANCE TOto consider sth important
PUT EMPHASIS ON STHto emphasize it
LAY BLAME ON SOMEONEblame sb for sth
PAY HEED TOto take notice of it, you don’t ignore it
BLATANT(of bad behaviour) done openly and unashamedly blatant lies
SALIENT POINTS / FEATURES OFmost important or noticeable
CONSPICIOUSeasy to see or notice; likely to attract attention
TO BE PRONOUNCEDto say or give sth officialy; to give an opinio nor decision
READ STH INTOto believe that an action, remark, or situation has a particular importance or meaning, often when i
DRAW FROMto take or obtain sth from a particular source to draw suport / comfort from your family
SEEunderstand „ if you can see in the future..”
TAKE STH that is saidThe way that you react to i tor interpret it
RECONCILE YOURSELF TO sthTo accept a situation or fact you do not like it
ACKNOWLEDGE STH / THATTo admit to be real or true; To show or express recognition or realization of
CONCEDE THATTo admit ( I have to concede that this was my mistake)
A CONCESSIONAn agreement not to keep demanding or insisting on sth when you are negotiating or discussing sth
OBEDIENCE TO SOMEONE OR STHThe act of obeying orders, doing what you are told to do
ASSENTFormal agreement; approval of sth
IN ACCORDANCE WITHIn agreement with, conforming to, complying with
ENVISAGE THATTo imagine what will happen in the future
ADVANCE A THEORY/IDEATo propose it and say that you believe in it
SPECULATE AS TO / ON STHTo make a guess or prediction about sth, even though you have no real evidence to base this on
HAZARD A GUESSYou guess but you know when doing so that you might well be wrong
SHOW OFFYou make sure that people notice it because you want to impress them
CHECK OUTIt proves to be correct when it is checked
PULL OFFYou succeeded in doing sth difficult or adventerous
BEAR OUTIt indicates or proves that it is true