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Vocabulary part 2, 2
autor: Wjolaa
ALLOW THATto accept it
OUTWEIGHthe first thing is more important than the second one
MONOPOLIZEto use or take so much that others can’t have it, to dominate it
OVERRUN WITH / BYif the place is overrun with/by sth, too many of sth go or are there
SURPASSto do or be better than sb /sth
SULKto look angry and refuse to speak or smile because you want people to know that you are upset about
PONDERto think very carefully about sth for a period of time
HUSHto tell sb to be quiet
MUSE ON / OVER / UPON sthto think very carefully about it and consequences of it
THERE AND THEN ( or do sth here and now )do sth immediately rather than waiting until later
IN ONE GOdo all of it at the same time
AT A STROKEwith a single action that changes things completely; it means that sth happens completely because o
ON AND OFFdo sth from time to time, not continuously
MUTUALmutual feeling – shared by both people mentioned
RESPECTIVEbelonging or relating separately to each of the peopleor things already mentioned
JOINTdone together with another person or other people
COLLECTIVEshared by or relating to a group of people
ASSURE YOURSELFto make yourself certain about sth
CONFIRM STH/ THATto check and make sure that it is definite or that it is definitely the case
ASCERTAIN STH / THATyou make enquiries and are then sure about sth
GUARANTEE STH / THATyou make it certain or promise that it is certain
COME BY STHyou find it or get by chance
COME ABOUTto happen
COME IN FORto receive sth, especially sth unpleasant
COME OUT WITHto say sth, especially sth surprising or rude
OF LATERecently
FOR NOWfor the time being, temporarily
IN A WHILEsome time from now, after an uspecified period
SHORTLYsoon, not long from now
TO BE INDIFFERENTyou don’t care about sth; you have no particular feeling about it
DO STH IN A CASUAL WAYyou do it without much thought or without taking it seriously
TO BE DISINTERESTEDnot to be personally involved in a situation, you can therefore be objective and neutral about it
TO BE DETACHEDnot to be involved or decide not to get involved in a situation and so your feelings are not affecte
UNDER NO ILLUSIONSyou know and fully acceptthe reality of it
HAVE FANTASIESto have thoughts about sth good that are unrealistic because it is very unlikely to happen
HAVE DAYDREAMSyou stop concentrating on what you are doing and start thinking about pleasant things
DECEPTIONA dishonest act or statement that is indeed to deceive
SPRAWLto sit or lie with your arms and legs stretched out
SLOUCHsit or stand in a lazy way, often with your shoulders and head bent forward
LOUNGEsit or lie in a lazy , untidy manner
DROOP ( opaść)1.To bend, hang or move downwards, especially because of being weak or tired. 2.to become sad or de