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big bucksforsa
to brown nose to sbpodlizać się
chicken feedsłabo opłacany
to climb corporate ladderwspinać się na drabinę korporacyjną
daily grindcodzienny zachrzan
happy hourwyprzedaż
to knuckle downharować
to step on sb's toeswykonywać czyjąś robotę
top dogwpływowy typ
to work around the clockharować cały dzień
to fly by the seat of one's pantsto improvise
to get the gang of sthto learn how to operate/ do sth
to give sb pointersgive directions
to go over sth on one's headthink/ consider sth
in a nutshellbriefly
lunch breakhave lunch
as a rule of thumbgeneral rule
ponder on sth/ sleep on it/ mullthink over
to show to sb upshow that I am better
make snap judgement/ hasty decisionmąkę quick decision
to talk shoptalking about your work
corporate culturerules that are in the company
disonaura person working for a long time/ an old one
to do the lion's share of workto do the biggest part of the work
dot coman online company
brick and mortar shopsklep z zaprawa murarską
dress-down dayday without the dress code
to give sb a fair shaketreat in a fair way
to go postalto become irtiated
hit the roof/ go bananasGet angry
new bloodnew employees
old boy's clubwork longer and are treated better (kolesiowstwo)
to polish one's resumeto make it up to date/ improve it
to foot (for bill)to pay the bill
depute PMvice premier
vice presidentvice prezydent
at my pacemoim tempem
workplace/ jobmiejsce pracy (budynek)/ (stanowisko)
the most of the people/ most peopleWiększość ludu