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challengingyou need to work harder/ better
demandinghigh pressure/ requires a lot of skills and working long hours
motivatingmaking you want do this
rewardinggiving the feeling of usefullness/ importnace/ makes sense
monotonous/ repetitivewhere you do the same things all the time
tediouseverything takes long time and it's boring
careerjob development in one filed
postfunction in job
wagesweekly/ hourly remuneration
salarymonthly/ yearly remuneration
bonusadditional money
perksbenefits for some reason
staffthe overall employees from the job
employerthe one who employs
employeethe one who is employed
skillsthings you can do/ any capabilities
trainingcourse or programme preparing to job
qualificationsskills required to do a particular job
hourstime of work
timetableshcedule of work
to be in charge ofto be responsible for
to deal withto bear sth/manage to do sth
be off workbe on a leave
maternity leavefree days for a new mother
teamgroup of people
have opportunitieshave some good occasions to do sth (NOW)
have good prospectshave good possibilities for the FUTURE
get promoted toget higher in the hierarchy of the company
get riseget higher salary
temporary jobshort-term job
to be on a short-term contractbe employed on the contract but for a short time
have (no) job securitybe (not) afraid to lose the job
to be sacked/ fired from joblose the job of own sake
to be self-employedbe your own boss
run own businesshave got an own company
work part-timehave short working hours
be made redundantlose the job cause of reduction of the posts
be out of jobbe unemployed
do volunteering workdo an unpaid job
unpaidwith no salary
to be getting some experienceto gain more knowledge and skills
work full-timework 8 hours a day
a competitive salarya remuneration that is comparable to the one that could be gained in other similar companies
good work-life balancesimilar amount of time for both: job and personal life
supportive colleaguesmates that help you
working environmentplace where you work and people that surround you
line managermanager only one step higher in the hierarchy than you
staff turnoverthe changes in staff/ staff rotation
job satisfactiona state of being content with job