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15/10/2018 (II)
autor: Catia
avidvery enthusiastic (for people)
blatantvery obvious, done without shame or embarrassment (used to describe bad things)
breathtakingvery beautiful, surprising or impressive
grippingvery exciting; for films and books
harrowingshocking, making you feel very upset (not used to describe people)
laxnot strict or not careful enough (for safety measures, security, morals, discipline, laws, etc.)
lenientnot strict; used to describe people in a position to punish (parents, teachers, etc.)
meteoricvery sudden and quick (generally used with the noun rise)
misleadinggiving the wrong idea or impression
piercingloud and high-pitched (for noises)
prolificproducing a large number of works (for artists, composers and writers)
sporadichappening at irregular intervals
staunchvery loyal
sweepingtoo general and therefore not valid (for statements and generalisations); large and affecting everyo
waterTightimpossible to prove wrong or argue against
drearyboring and depressing
dullboring, without life, excitement or colour
mundaneordinary, boring, giving little satisfaction, often used to describe jobs
tediousboring, and often frustrating
atrociousextremely bad
dreadfulvery bad
lousy(informal) very bad
flawlessperfect, with faults
impeccableperfect, faultless
unblemishedsth that has not been spoilt or harmed
arduoustiring and involving a lot of effort
gruellingtiring and lasting a long time
strenuousneeding a lot of physical effort
bedraggleduntidy, dirty and wet (for people)
scruffyuntidy (for people/places); old and worn out (for clothes)
astuteclever at understanding people and situations
craftyclever and good at using deception to achieve success
shrewdclever and showing good judgement of other people and situations
wilyclever, experienced at deceiving people and not easily deceived (for people-behaviour)
conventionalordinary, normal
mainstreamordinary, conventional, neither strange nor extreme
middle-of-the-roadordinary, not extreme
run-of-the-millordinary, nothing special