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autor: Catia
to beat itto go away
to bugto annoy
to bungthrow/give/put
to chuckto throw or give
to flogto sell
to hammer sbto beat sb/another team very easily and very convincingly
to knockcriticise
to nip toto go somewhere for a short time
to popto quickly put
to scoffto eat quickly and greedily
to scroungeto borrow, especially money
to stinkto have a bad smell
airy-fairynot practical or realistic
chock-a-blockvery crowded with people or cars
clapped-outold and in bad condition (for cars and machines)
daftsilly, not sensible
dodgyrisky and dangerous/dishonest and untrustworthy/weak (body)
grossdisgusting to look at, taste or think about
poshexpensive and upper class
tackypoor quality, cheap and showing a lack of good taste
tattyold and in bad condition
to chicken outnot to do sth because you are afraid
to chuck (sth)to get rid of sth
to conk outto break down (for machines and cars)
to cough upto pay sb money
to hit it offto really like one another (two people)
to rip sb offto cheat sb out of money
to set sb backto cost
to slag sb offto criticise sb
to wind (sb) upto tease sb in order to annoy or provoke them
to have sb doing sthto make sb do sth that they probably do not want to do
to be pointlessto have no sense or purpose
to resent sth happening/sb doing sthto feel angry and bitter about sth
to be (well) worth doingit would be a good idea to do
you would be better off doing sthused to introduce advice
to be the first/second/last person tosb is the first/second/last person that
can’t be bothered to do sthdon’t feel like making the effort to do sth
sth/sb is bound tosth/sb is certain to happen/do sth because it has happened/they have done it before
to be certain toto be sure sth will happen or sb will do sth
to fall to/neglect to do sthnot to do what you should have done
to know better than to do sthto be old or experienced enough to know sth is the wrong thing to do
not to know how best to do sthnot to know the best way to do sth
to manage to do sthto succeed in doing sth difficult
to wish to do sth(formal) would like to do sth
to come close to doing sthto almost do sth
to be committed to sthto believe strongly in sth
not to feel up to doing sthnot to feel well enough to do sth
to object to doing sth/sb doing sthto dislike and feel angry about sth because you think it is wrong or unfair
to resort to doing sthto do sth you disapprove of because you feel that it is the only way you can succeed
to dread+to: I dread TO think (what) | +ing: to dislike and be frightened of sth you have to do
to go on+to: to proceed, after doing sth else | +ing: to continue
to mean+to: to intend | +ing: to involve, entail
to regret+to: to be sorry to | +ing: to be sorry about sth that has/hasn’t happen