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because (gdyż/ ponieważ)I like NY...it is the most exciting place in the world to live.
because (gdyż/ ponieważ)I'm leaving...I'm bored!
as (gdyż/ ponieważ)...it's my turn. I'm going to pay for everybody.
since (gdyż/ ponieważ)...they're so horrible, we won't invite them again.
for (gdyż/ ponieważ)I decided to stay the night at the inn,...it was getting late and I was tired.
especially as (zwłaszcza że/ szczególnie kiedy)we really ought to go to the party -... it will be a chance to socialise with the boss.
the more so as (tym bardziej że)he felt increasingly under the spell of his guest -... was obviously possessed of culture and..
the less so when (tym mniej/tym bardziej, gdy)Frankly, I have little interest in Old English-... I think of how much time I had to spend studying
not least because (zwłaszcza ponieważ)honestly is certainly the best policy in life-... lying and deception demand so much ingenuity.
inasmuch as (o tyle/ o ile; jako że)...he once helped us, I suppose we ought to help him.
especially as (zwłaszcza że/ szczególnie kiedy)Jimmy Carter won the elections,... he had the nicest smile.
in view of the fact that (mając na uwadze fakt, że)...sanction are leading to inflation of 200% per annum, it is not surprising that people are worried
especially when (szczególnie kiedy)his laziness makes me very angry,... I think of how much I've paid for his education.
considering that (biorąc pod uwagę, że/ uwzględniać)...the doctor was tired when he made that mistake, it is wrong to judge him too harshly.
not least because (zwłaszcza ponieważ)he was offered the job,...because his uncle was president of the company.
insofar as (o tyle że/ o tyle o ile)some students value our diplomas only...they guarantee good, secure jobs.
now that (ponieważ/ w wyniku czegoś)...the boss has gone, I suposse we can take a tea-break.
seeing that (widząc, że)...you've tried hard you deserve a reward.
for the simple reason that (z tego prostego powodu, że)it will be a waste of time inviting him...he is sure to offend somebody.
inasmuch as (o tyle/ o ile; jako że)...that writer deals with my home town, I find him interesting to read.
the less so when (tym mniej/tym bardziej, gdy)i've got very little sympathy for her,...U realise how much distress she's caused others.
since (gdyż/ ponieważ)...he has lied before, his account is to be treated with great caution.
since (gdyż/ ponieważ)...Mr Chernomyrdin is a communist of the old school, his first press conference was unsurprisingly..
especially as (zwłaszcza że/ szczególnie kiedy)it is good to be polite to customs officials,...they have the power to refuse entry.
since (gdyż/ ponieważ)...they are so conscientious, ti seems only fair to increase their salaries.
especially as (zwłaszcza że/ szczególnie kiedy)it is good to dress up warm,...the weather may change for the worse.
now that (ponieważ/ w wyniku czegoś)...you're all here, let's get down to business.
because (gdyż/ ponieważ)I lend him money...I know I will always get it back.
inasmuch as (o tyle/ o ile; jako że)...hundreds of millions of dollars had gone into that project, it was undoubtedly a failure.
for (gdyż/ ponieważ)the king always gave the farmers a good price for their crops,...he was a just man.
seeing that (widząc, że)...their forces are overwhelmingly superior to ours, there is no point in carrying on.
because (gdyż/ponieważ)informed observers say the country's economy is heading for a catastrophic slump,...the..