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due to (z powodu)his absence was...illness.
due to (z powodu)the mistake was...negligence.
due to/owing to (z powodu/ponieważ)...illness I have had to cancel the meeting.
by virtue of (z tytułu)she was awarded the post...her outstanding qualifications.
out of (z)he stood up...respect for the old man.
attributable to (związane z)his death was...alcoholism.
in the face of (w obliczu)...universal condemnation he has decided to resign.
given (zważywszy na)how could Charles and Diana make their coronation-vows,...their farce of a marriage?
on account of (z powodu)they were given the contract...their good reputation.
owing to (ponieważ/dzięki)environmental pollution has much intensified...industry.
owing to (ponieważ/dzięki)...so many problems a coherent policy will be difficult to formulate.
by virtue of (z tytułu)Indian women often stand out...their grace and beauty.
out of (z)many people go to church only...habit, a sense of duty, or a desire to conform.
on account of (z powodu)...the economic situation, an increae in wages cannot be expected.
owing to (ponieważ/dzięki)...bad weather conditions the football-match has been put off till next week.
consequent upon (wynikający z)Lloyds does not pay compensation for any damage...war.
because of (ze względu na)they succeeded...the excellent supporting staff.
because of (ze względu na)California is a magnificant part of the world...all the beautiful country to be found there.
attributable to (związany z)Mozart's death is...a variety of factors.
by reason of (z tytułu)he was given a "golden handshake"...his long years of service.
given (zważywszy na)...her past failures she is unlikely to be the person to solve this problem.
by virtue of (z tytułu)she got to the top...her remarkable talents.
considering (zważywszy/wobec/biorąc pod uwagę)...all his objective difficulties, it is amazing how Shostakovitch composed anything at all,..
owing to (ponieważ/dzięki)...power-shortages classes have been cancelled until further notice.
in the face of (w obliczu)...enormous pressure from the international community the government had no choice but to back down.
due to (z powodu)the delay was...a traffic jam in the centre of town.
in the face of (w obliczu)...mounting problems, he has decided to call a referendum.
owing to (ponieważ/dzięki)his driving license was endorsed...drunken driving.
out of (z)it was really only...politeness that he bothered to attend the celebrations.
owing to (ponieważ/dzięki)...the general snail's pace of fraud proceedings in the UK, it is not suprising that..