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wordki angielski 20
featosiągnięcie, wyczyn (fit)
to pondergłowić się, koncypować
to peerto look carefully or with difficulty
to echorozbrzmiewać echem (eko)/ powtarzać (być podobnym do czegoś)
fancifulfantazyjny, wymyślny, urojony
to vivifyto make more living or interesting (wiwifaj)
godlyponożny, boży
mundanevery ordinary and therefore not interesting
to teem withto contain large numbers of animals or people
to drench withto make someone or something extremely wet
to saturateto make someone or something completely wet, or to make a place completely full of sth
dampslightly wet, especially in a way that is not pleasant or comfortable
moistslightly wet, especially in a good way
to soakto make sth very wet, or of a liquid to he absorbed
drop sb a lineto write someone a letter, aspecially a short informal one
to drop sb a hintto tell someone something in a way that is not direct
to graspto quickly take sth in ypur hands and hold it firmly
to graspto understand sth, especially something difficult
to houseto give a person or animal a place to live, or to provide a space for sth
to gazeto look at sth or someone for a long time, especially in suprise or admiration
gazea long look, especially of a particular kind
to arrayto arrange a group of things in a particular way
arraya large group of things or people positioned in a particular way (GAMA)
fiberwłókno, błonnik
humblingupokarzający, poniżający
mosaicmozaiczny \ mozaika
quiltkołdra (kłylt)
to abut(abat) przylegać do, stykać się z \ graniczyć z
cutouta shape that has been cut out from sth, especially a flat one that can stand vertically
merchandisegoods that are bought and sold (product)