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2019-12-02 lesson 13
autor: ljasinski
get itchy feetto get a burning sensation to change the place
have itchy feetnot being able to spent too much time in one place
get the travel bugbecome addicted to travelling
culture vulturea person who is a passionate of culture
catch some raysis to sunbathe
sit and watch the world go byhave a moment to contemplate and not do anything
Pack a lot in/Have a full plateis to be busy with the duties .../...
See how the mood takes meMake decisions in the moment depending on how you're feeling
Travel on a shoestringtravel on a budget, not spend much money while travelling
live it upis to spend one's time in an enjoyable way, travel in luxury
travel lighttravel without much stuff
at the crack of dawnearly in the morning
watch your backbe careful in a new place
a culture shockfeel uncomfortable in a new place