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phrasal verb + out
autor: jacek95d
break outzacząć się, gwałtownie wybuchnac(wojna,epidemia) - If something dangerous or unpleasant breaks o
back outwycofywać sie, spasowac - to decide not to do something that you had said you would do
burn outwypalic się, spalic if something such as a machine burns out,itStopsWorkingBecauseOfDamageFromHeat
eat outto eat in a restaurant, jesc poza domem
leave outpominać cos,nie uwzgledniac czegos, to not include someone or something:
point outzaznaczac coś,to tell someone about some information, often because you believe they do not know i
sort sth outuporzadkowac cos, to separate one type of things from a group of things:
stand outodznaczyc sie,wyrozniac sie, be much better than other similar things or people
find outdowiedziec się,dowiadywac sie
hand outrozdawac cos,to give something to each person in a group or place:
get outwysiadac,uciekac to leave a closed vehicle, building, etc.
look outuważaj!said or shouted in order to tell someone that they are in danger:
pass outmdlec,to become unconscious for a short time, for example when ill, badly hurt, or drunk:
run outkonczyc się, wyeczeroywac sie(tak ze nic nie zsotało) lub
shoot outwyjsc na krotka chwile,
wear sb soutnieszczyc sie , zniszzycz się np buty.to make someone extremely tired: