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UNIT 4 Phrasal Verbs
back upmake copy of information on your computer
back uphive support to someone by telling other you agree with them backup
change aroundmove things so that they are in different places or positions
change intochange state or form \ change clothes or piece of clothing you are wearing
do away withget rid of
do uprepair, paint or improve sth big ( building, boat, car )
do upfasten an item of clothing
fade awaydissapear slowly
key input information into computer or other divices using keys or keyboard
make intochange sth ot someone so that they become something else
mix upput things together without any order
mix upthink that one person or thing is another person or thing
switch onstart sth ( machine, light )
take apartseparate an object into pieces
test outtry using sth such as a machine or product to find out whether it works correctly or is satisfactory
turn intochange sth/sb or develop them into sth different
use upuse all of a supply of something
wear outuse sth a lot so that it no longer works, or can no longer be used
change out oftake off the clothes or a piece of clothing you are wearing and put on different ones