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UNIT 8 - Phrasal Verbs
cordon offstop people from entering an area by putting sth such a rope around it
creep up onmove towards sb quietly and slowly, esp. when you want to suprise them
fall behindmake less progress or be less successful than other people who are doing a similar job or activity
go astraybecome lost or go to the wrong place
head offprevent someone from going somewhere by getting in front of them/prevent sth from taking place
hold backstop someone or sth from moving forwards
move instart living in a different house or flat
move onleave one place and travel to another
move onstop doing/discussing sth and begin doing/discussing sth different
move outpermanently leave your house or flat where you live or the place where you have your business
move overchange your position in order to make space for someone or sth
pull overstop by the side of the road in a car ot other vehicle
slip awayleave secretly
step asidemove so than sb can pass you/leave a job so that sb else can take over
to take over from sb (as CEO)to replace somebody (as CEO)
stop offvisit somewhere before continuing to another place
tip up sthhave one end move upward, esp. because sth heavy has been put at the other end
tip up sthturn sth(e.g. a container) upside down so that the things inside it come out
walk outleave a meating/performance, etc. before the end, usually because you are angry or bored
walk outsuddenly leave you family/relationship/job etc.