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UNIT 9 - Grammar rules - Degrees of certainty
will, would, must, can, can't, could, couldn'tCertainty or near certainty about; now, the future or generally
will have, won't have, would have, wouldn't have, must have, can't have, couldn't haveCertainty or near certainty about the past
should, shouldn't, ought to, oughtn't to, may/might well (not), could well, might easilyProbability about now, the future or generally
should have, shouldn't have, ought to have, oughtn't to have, may/might well (not) haveProbability about the past
could, may (not), might, mightn't, may/might/could justPossibility about now, the future or generally
could have, may (not) have, might have, mightn't havePossibility about the real past