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anchorsomeone who presents the news on a televison or radio news programme
anchorto present a television or radio programme, especially the news
The programme has been anchored by Jan DurczokProgram był prowadzony przez Jana Durczoka
broadcastsend out messages or programmes to be received by radios or televisions
President's speech will be broadcast on all channelsMowa prezydenta będzie nadawana na wszystkie kanały
captionwords printed near or on a picture that explain something about the picture
What does the caption beneath the photo say ?Co mówi napis pod zdjęciem ?
columnista journalist who write a regular series of articles for a particular newspaper or magazine
correspondenta newspaper or television reporter, especially one who deals with a particular subject or area
coveragenews about sth on television/on radio/in the newspaper (sprawozdanie/opracowanie/transmisja)
Their coverage of the riot was criticised for ignoring its causesIch reportaż o zamieszkasz został skrytykowany za ignorowanie ich(zamieszek) skutków
coverageinformation about a range of things, for example in a book or course of education
The course offers good coverage of the subjectKurs oferuje dobre pokrycie tematu
critickrytyk (hater) \ krytyk (filmowy, ksiązkowy itp)
footnotenote at the bottom of a page that gives more detailed information about something on the page
There is more information on this in the footnote at the bottomJest więcej informacji na tego tego w ..... na dole
ghostwritersomeone who writes something for someone else whose name will appear on it as the writer
handbooka small book that gives information about a subject or instructions about how to use something
It is a very good handbook for those new to windsurfingTo bardzo dobra książka dla tych nowych w windsufringu
manifestoformal statement expressing the aims and plans of a group or organisation, esp. a political party
novelistsomeone who writes novels
pamphleta very tiny book with a paper cover, usually given free to people
The nurse gave me a pamphlet about injectionPielęgniarka dała mi pamflet o zastrzykach (PEM flet)
prerecordede.g. .... television programmes have been recorded so that they can be used later
reviewersomeone whose job is to write articles in a newspaper or magazine giving their opinion about sth
spinethe edge if a book where all the pages are fixed together
subtitlesa translation of what people are saying in a foreign language film or television programme(SABtajtyl
supplementa separate part of a newspaper or magazine (SAPLY MENT)
tabloidnewspaper with fairly small pages mostly containing stories about famous people; not much serious
traileran advertisement for a film or television programme that shows a short part of that film orprogramme