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UNIT 10 - Phrasal verbs
blurt outsay sth suddenly and without thinking about the effect it will have, usually being nervous
catch on1)understand 2)become popular or fashionable
come out1)become available to buy or see 2)become easy to notice 3)become known 4)be spoken in a partic. way
come out withsay sth suddenly, usually sth that suprises or shocks people
dry upstop talking because you have forgotten what you were going to say
get acrossmake people understand sth
get aroundif news ........, a lot of people hear it
get through to1)be connected to a place by telephone 2)make someone understand what you are trying to say
let ontalk about sth that is intended to be a secret
pass onprzekazać (sth that someone has given to me)
put across/overexplain an idea, belief etc in a whay that is easy to understand
set down1/2)write sth on a piece of paper so that it will not be forgotten and can be looked at later
set down2/2)state officialy how sth should be done
shout downmake it difficult to hear what someone says by shouting while they are speaking
speak outstate your opinion firmly and publicy about sth, esp. in order to protest against or defend sth
talk overdiscuss a problem or a plan
talk around to1/2)succeed in persuading someone to agree something
talk around to2/2)discuss sth in a general way and without dealing with the most important issues