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UNIT 10 - Idioms
big mouthused as a criticism of someone when they say things thay should not
come clean about sthtell the truth about sth that you have kept in secret
get/catch sb's driftunderstand the basic meaning
get sth off your chesttalk to someone about sth that has been wottying you, so that you feel better about it
get the wrong end of the stickunderstand sth completely wrong
give sb your wordpromise sb to do sth
(hear sth) on/through the grapevinethe way in which information spreads quickly from one person to another through conversation
keep sb postedregularly give someone information about sth they are interested in (how situation is changing etc.)
keep sth under your hatkeep sth secret
lay/put your cards on the tabletell people exactly what are you thinking or what you are intending to do
speak volumesprovide a lot of informiation, especially in an indirect way
tell talestell someone in authority about bad things that someone else had done, because you want to punish tm