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UNIT 10 - Phrases, patterns and collocations 3
talk sb into sthto persuade someone to do sth
talk sb out of doing sthto persuade someone not to doing sth
talk one's way out of sthwymawiać się od czegoś
talk sensemówić do rzeczy
talk sense!nie opowiadaj bzdur!
speak/talk the same language asto have ideas and similar ways of expressing them
have a talk with sthpomówić z kimś
be all talk/be just talkused to describe someone who talks about doing something but never does it
the talk of sth(place)if sth is ....(place), people in this place talk a lot about it
talk is cheapused for saying that you don't believe that someone will in fact do what they are saying they willdo
keep telling yourself sthused when you do not agree with sb "YEAH, KEEP ... THAT YOU ARE STRONG"
tell yourself thatto make yourself consider sth in order to understand it correctly or to persuade yourself it's true
tell the differencewidzieć różnicę/odróżnić
tell the timepowiedzieć, która jest godzina
tell it like it ispowiedzieć jak jest/powiedzieć całą prawdę
there is no tellingit is not possible to know
you are telling me!used to say that you are strongly agree with what someone has just said
that would be tellingused for saying that you cannot give someone a piece of information because it is a secret
come to an understandingto agree about sth after a long discussion
have an understanding with sbhave an informal agreement with sb
an understanding ofknowledge about sth
on the understandingaccording to someone's promise or statement
We purchased the computer on the understanding that it could be returned within ten daysKupiliśmy ten komputer na porozumieniu, że może być zwrócony w ciągu 10 dni
put in a good word for sbto say positive things about someone
have a word with sbzamienić z kimś słowo
spread the wordobwieścić/podzielić się wiadomością
put words into sb's mouthto suggest that someone meant one thing when really they meant another
from the word gofrom the start of sth
word of mouthprzekaz ustny/poczta pantoflowa
in other wordsinnymi słowy/inaczej mówiąc
have sth written all over your faceused for saying that the expression on your face shows what you are feeling or thinking
nothing to write home aboutnot exciting or special Eg. Their performance was nothing to...