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UNIT 14 - Phrases, patterns and collocations
make a big think out of sthto give sth too much importance
make it bigodnieść wielki sukces
be big on sthto like sth very much
be big of sbif an action is ...., it is kind, good or helpful. *Phrase usually used humorously or angrily
great bigvery large
big businesspowerful and influencial business
big-headedthinking that you are more important or more intelligent than you really are
big-heartedo wielkim sercu
big namea famous or important person
big moneya large amount of money
big gamelarge wild animals that are hunted and shot for sport
deal in sthto buy and sell particular goods as a business
deal with sbto talk to someone or meet someone especially as part of your job
deal a blow toto harm, upset, or shock someone or sth
make a big deal of/out of/about sthto get too excited or upset about sth, or make sth seem more important than it is
make/cut/reach/strike a dealzawrzeć porozumienie
make/get a good deal on sthzrobić dobry interes na czymś
big dealsth important
a good/great deal of stha large amount or quantity of sth
in depthdone carefully and in great detail
at a depth ofna głębokości
hidden depthsrobust or complex espects or characteristics that are not easily noticed or readily apparent
the depths of stha place that is very far away or very far inside an area
the depths of sththe most severe part of an unpleasant time, feeling, or situation
be out of sb's depthto be in a situation that you cannot deal with because it is too difficult or dangerous
grow fat at sthto become rich as a result of sth, especially in a way that does not seem fair to other people
fat chanceused for say that you certainly do not think that sth is likely to happen
a fat lot of goodno use or no help at all
look/search high and lowto search very thoroughly
high risk ofduże ryzyko czegoś
of high prioritydużej wagi (znaczenia)
be in high spiritsbe extremely happy and have a good time
high financethe activities of lending, investing nad borrowing very large amounts of money
high timenajwyższa pora
on a highin a state of euphoric happiness
a new/alltime record highnowy rekord
high techusing, requiring, or involved in high technology
high streetthe main strret of a town, usually as the traditional site for most shops