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UNIT 14 - Phrases, patterns and collocations 2
as large as lifeused as a way of describing a person you see, and are suprised to see, in a particular place
at largegenerally
in large measuremainly
larger than life(of a person) attracting special attention because of unusual apprearance and behaviour
larger than life(of things) seeming disproportionately important
go to great lengthsto try very hard to achieve sth
run/stretch/walk the full lengths of sthto go or move from one end to the other of sth
run the lenght and breadth of sthto go to every part of sth
of unequal lengthniejednakowej (nieporównywalnej) długości
in lengthw długości - The rear garden is nearly 30 metres .....
for any length of timena dłuższy(nieokreślony) czas
at great/some lengthfor a long time and with a lot of detail - Austin was questioned .... by detectives
load sth with sthzaładować coś czymś (wypełnić)
take a load offzrelaksować się \ zrzucić z siebie
a whole load of sthcałość czegoś
loads of sthmuch or many of sth
a heavy load to bear/carrysth difficult/unpleasant or heavy
take a long hard look at sthto examine sth very carefully in order to improve it in future
at long lastfinally; after much waiting
a long waydługa droga
in the long runat a time that is far away in the future \ at some time in the future
long time no seesaid when you meet someone who you haven’t seen for a long period of time
all month longduring the entire month
that’s your lotused for telling someone that they have had all of sth and there will be no more
have a lot on one’s plate/mindmieć dużo na głowie
an awful lota very large amount
the lotall the things of a group
someone’s lot in lifesomeone’s general situation in life, especially when this is not very good
get your money’s worthto get good value of sth - We were determined to ... from our day tickets and went to every museum
put your money where your mouth isused for saying that someone should do sth, especially spend money, instead of only talking about it
pay good money for sthto pay a lot for sth; used especially when sth has not been worth spending money
be made of moneygo be rich
for my money=in my opinion
pay dearly for sthdużo/słono za coś zapłacić
pay sb a complimentpowiedzieć komuś komplement
pay your wayto pay for yourself rather than allowing someone else to pay
pay your last respects to somebodyto go to someone’s funeral
pay the penalty/price for sthto have to deal with the bad effects of sth that you have done
it (always) pays todoing this specific thing will (always) yield a positive effect; it is (always) a advantageous idea
pay risean increase in the amount of money you earn for doing your job
pay and displaysystem parkingowy polegający na pozostawieniu kwitu za szybą auta
pay freezea situation in which a company stops increasing employees’ pay because of difficulties
take-home paythe amount of earnings that you have left after tax