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UNIT 14 - Phrases, patterns and collocations 3
come/be on a poor secondto be considered much lower in value, quality etc. than other things or people mentioned
a poor losersomeone who gets angry when they lose
poor relationsth or someone similar to but less important than another thing or person - considered less valuable
a poor man’s sthused about sth that is a cheaper type of a similar but impressive thing
rich with sthhaving a lot of sth, cars, flats etc
rich in sthhaving valuable resources, characteristics, traditions, or history
filthy richextremely rich
the rich and famouscelebrities, well-known people with lots of money
the rich and the poorbogaci i biedni
share sth amongwspółdzielić coś (odnosząc się do więcej niż dwóch osób)
share sth betweenwspółdzielić coś (odnosząc się do dwóch osób)
share and share alikeused to encourage everyone to have an equal amount of sth
share in sthif you .... someone’s success, happiness etc, you have it or enjoy it with them
share of sthwspółudział czegoś
shareholdera person who owns shares in a company
share indexindeks kursu akcji ( giełda )
share optiona benefit in the firm of an option given by a company to an employee to buy a share in the company
share-outan act of dividing sth between several people
run short of sthused for saying that you have used almost all of a particular thing and there is not much left
have a short temperbe a person who gets angry easy
draw/get the short strawto have to do the most enjoyable of a range of duties, often because you have been chosen to do it
make short work of sthto finish or deal with sth quickly
for a short while/spellna krótko (for now, in the meanwhile)
at short noticeonly a short time before sth happens
short and sweetsuprisingly short in a way that is pleasing
shortlista list of people who have been judged the most suitable for a job or prize, made from a longer list
that’s about the size of itused to show your agreement with someone who has said something correct
cut sth to sizeprzyciąć coś do odpowiednich rozmiarów
in sizew wielkości, w rozmiarze
full sizepełnowymiarowy, naturalnej wielkości
size of sthwielkość czegoś
size of itstan rzeczy
downsizeredukować (np. zatrudnienie)