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UNIT 14 - Phrases, patterns and collocations 4
it’s a small worldsaid to show your suprise that people or event in different places are connected
in a small wayto a small expentancy or degree
in no small wayto a great degree; largely or mostly
in some small wayw niewielkim stopniu / w taki (okrojony) sposób
with a small „c” etc.used for saying that sth is more general or less extreme rather than the usunal meaning
small changemała zmiana
small hoursthe early hours in the morning
the small screentelevision, especially when compared with cinema
small talkuprzejma rozmowa o nieistotnych sprawach
have a thin skinto be very sensistive to criticism or insults
be skating on thin iceto be doing sth that is dangerous or involves risks
out of thin airfrom nothing
into thin airw powietrze (zniknąć w powietrze)
from thin airz nikąd
be thin on the groundto exist only in small numbers or amounts
be thin on topto have lost some of the hair on your head
be weak at the kneesmieć uginające się kolana
weak onsłaby w
on weak groundna słabym gruncie \ na słabej pozycji
weak argumentsłaby argument
weak point/spotsłaby punkt
weak-willednot having a determination that is needed to continue with a difficult course of action