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UNIT 14 - Idioms
a drop in the oceana very small amount that will not have much effect
break evenif a person or business ..., they neither make a profit nor lose money
fall shortnot reach a particular level or to fail to achieve sth you were trying to do
fifty-fiftyequal, or in two equal parts
go halvesshare the cost of sth with someone so that you each pay 50%
it’s as broad as it’s longused for saying that you cannot choose between two things or action because the are equal
keep up with the Jonesestry to be as rich, successful, etc as your neighbours
knee-high to a grasshoppervery small, because you were very young
line your pocket(s)obtain money, especially by acting dishonestly
lock, stock and barrelincluding every part of a particular thing, situation, płace, etc
six of one (and) half a dozen of the otherused for saying that two things are equally good or bad
tidy sum/amountlarge sum/amount