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UNIT 16 - Topic Vocabulary: Materials
blockblokować \ a large rock blocked our way
blocksolid piece of wood, stone, etc with straight sides
brittlekruchy, łamliwy
chipukruszyć, wyszczerbiać / odłamek, opiłek
compactto make sth smaller or firmer by pressing it \ ubity, zwięzły, niewielki, kompaktowy
concentratemake a solution of sth in water stronger ( skupiać się, koncentrować się, zagęszczać )
crackto damage sth so that a line or long narrow hole appears on its surface
cracka line on a surface where sth is beginning to break apart
crumba very small piece that falls off a dry food such as bread or cake
crushto hit or press sth so hard that you damage it severely or destroy it, esp. by making it flatter
crusha crowd of people all extremely close together in an area that is too small for them
diluterozcieńczać(roztwór) \ osłabiać(standards, value) (DajLjut/DajLut)
dissolverozpuszczać się(o substancjach) \ opadać, słabnąć ( o uczuciach )
fabriccloth, esp. when it is used for making things such as clothes or curtains
clothtkanina, materiał
firmsolid but not hard (solidny)
flaketo come off a surface in small flat pieces (odchodzić płatami, łuszczyć się)
flakepłatek, płat
fragileeasy to brake or damage (fraDżajl, fraDżyl)
frictionthe physical force that makes it difficult for one surface to move over another (tarcie)
grindto break sth into very small pieces or powder, by using a maschine/by crushing it between two surfcs
hollowempty inside
liquidpłyn, ciecz | płynny |
lumpto put things or people into the same group, although they do not really belong together
lumpa solid piece of sth that does not have a regular shape (bryłka, grudka)
mouldto give sth a particular shape or form
mouldforma odlewniczą, szablon \ pleśń ( myyLd/mold )
opaquenieprzezroczysty, matowy (ołPek)
patpoklepywać kogoś aby okazać komuś troskę
patthe action of gently touching someone or sth several times with a flat hand
pileto put a large number of things on top of each other
polishto rub the surface of sth in order to make it shine
polisha chemical substance that you rub onto an object to make it shine