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UNIT 16 - Topic Vocabulary: Materials 2
scratchto pull your nails along your skin, esp. because you have an itch that makes you want to do this
scratchto damage a surface by making it with something sharp or rough
scratcha thin mark on a surface (zadrapanie)
scrubto wash or clean sth by rubbing it hard, especially because you have an itch that makes you want do
scruba thorough wash or clean
smashbreak sth noisly into many pieces by dropping ot hitting it with a lot of force
solida substance that is not a liquid nor a gas (stały (ciało stałe))
solidtwardy, lity
specka very small spot or mark (drobina, plamka)
squashto damage sth by pressing or crushing it and making it lose its normal shape
squasha situation in which there are too many people in a small space
squeezeto press sth firmly, especially with your hands
squeezethe action of squeezing sth
stackto arrange things so that they stand one on top of another
stacka pile of things placed one on top of another
stifffirm and difficult to bend (sztywny)
strokegłaskać / głaskanie / wylew[MED]
stuffto push sth soft into a space or container
stuffa variety of objects or things
syntheticsyntetyczny, sztuczny (SynFetyk/SynFetik)
tearto pull sth so that it separates into pieces or gets a hole in it, or to become damaged in this way
teara hole in a piece of paper, cloth, etc
texturethe way sth feels when you touch it (faktura)