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UNIT 16 - Topic Vocabulary: The built environment
built-upa ... area has a lot of buildings in it
bypassto avoid the centre of a town or city by using a road that goes round it
bypassa road that goes around a town or city so that you can avoid going through the centre
constructto build sth large and complicated
demolishto deliberately detroy a building
districtan area of a town or country (dzielnica, okręg)
dwellto live somewhere (mieszkać)
dwell on sb/sthskupiać się na kimś/czymś
estatean area where there are many houses (posiadłość, majątek)
evictto legally force someone to leave the house they are living in (eksmitować) (IyWykt)
housingbuildings for people to leave in
infrastructureinfrastruktura (YnfaStrakcza/yInfeStrakczer)
inner cityan area near the centre of a large city where a lot of poverty and other social problems exist
occupyif someone ... a room, bed, building, area of land etc during a period of time, they use it
skylinethe shapes made by buildings or mountains when you see them against the sky (panorama/liniahoryzontu
skyscrapera very tall building containing offices or flats
structuresth large such as a building or a bridge that is built from different parts
suburbanpodmiejski (saBerBen/saByurByn)
surroundingsotoczenie (syrałDyngs/syrałDings)
urbanmiejski (Erben/Yurbyn)