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UNIT 16 - Phrasal Verbs
board upcover a window or door with wooden boards
close uplock the doors of a building or business
come out1/2)be romoved from sth such as clothing or cloth by washing or rubbing
come out2/2)have a particular result or end in a particular way
cut out1/2)remote sth from a larger piece by cutting
cut out2/2)stop eating sth or doing sth, especially because it is bad for your health
fix upclean, repair or decorate sth
knock/pull/tear downdestroy a building or wall
pile upif sth ... or someone ... it ..., the amount of it increases a lot
prop up1/2)stop sth from falling by putting sth under it or against it
prop up2/2)help a government, system, organisation etc continue to exist, esp providing financial support
put in1/2)fix sth such as equipment in the płace where it will be used and make it ready to use
put in2/2)make an official request, claim, offer, etc
put together1/3)make sth by joining all its parts
put together2/3)produce or organize sth using many different things
put together3/3)choose people or things to form a team or group
put up1/2)built sth such as wall, fence or house, 2/2)let someone stay in your house
set up1/2)build a structure or put it in particular place
set up2/2)make a piece of equipment ready for use
spread outrozprzestrzenić się
take down1/2)separate a large structure into pieces, 2/2)write down informatiom or a statement
water down1/2)add water to a drink or liquid in order to make it less strong, dilute
water down2/2)make sth such as a statement or newspaper article less offensive, powerful and detailed
wear down1/2)make sth gradually disappear or become thinner by using or rubbing it
wear down2/2)make someone gradually lose their energy or confidence