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UNIT 16 - Phrases, patterns and collocations 2
mark sth with sthoznaczyć coś czymś
leave a mark onto have a very strong and noticable effect on someone/sth, usually a bad one that lasts for a long t
burn markślad po oparzeniu
scratch markślad po zadrapaniu
the halfway markpółmetek
be quick/slow off the markto be quick/slow to act or ready to an event or a situation
hit/miss the markto achieve/not achieve the result that you intended
material possessionswłasności materialne
material rewardsnagrody materialne
material resourceszłoża materiałowe
raw materialunprocessed material (surowiec)
in a matter of sthonly, just - ... seconds, the building was in flames
a matter of sthkwestia czegoś
no matter hownie ważne jak
make matters worseto make the situation even more unpleasant or difficult
as a matter of factw gruncie rzeczy, prawdę mówiąc
as a matter od courserutynowo, automatycznie
as a matter of urgencyw trybie pilnym
subject mattertemat, tematyka
precious metalmetal szlachetny
metal detectorwykrywacz metalu
shape into sthformować w coś
take the shape of sthprzybrać kształt czegoś
be in shapebyć w formie
be out of shapenie być w formie (fizycznej)
in shapew formie (kształcie)
out of shapebez kształtu, bez formy
all shapes and sizesmany different types of people or things
keep a sharp eye on sbbacznie śledzić kogoś
a sharp risegwałtowny wzrost
sharp criticismostra krytyka
have a sharp tongueto be somebody who often criticizes and speaks in a severe way
smooth the way for sthto remove problems so that sth can be achieved easily
smooth-talkinggood at persuading people
be smooth sailingto be easy and without problems
a smooth operatora person who accomplishes tasks with efficiency and grace, especially one with verbal skills