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UNIT 16 - Phrases, patterns and collocations 3
on the surfacena powierzchni \ pozornie
beneath/under the surfacepod powierzchnią
surface areapole powierzchni
kitchen surfacea place in the kitchen where meals are prepared
lay/set the tableprzygotować stół do posiłku (postawić na nim naczynia itp)
clear the tableposprzątać stół pomposiłku
table a proposal/question/motionto formally present a proposal/question/motion for other people to discuss
put/lay on the tableif sth has been ..., it has been made available for people to hear, read, or discuss
table mannersmaniery przy stole
timetablea detailed plan showing when events or activities will happen
get tough with someoneto deal forcefully with or refuse to yield to a person
be tough on somebodysprawiać komuś trudności
tough lucksaid to show that you have no sympathy for someone’s problems or difficulties
tough lovea way of dealing with someone who has a problem in which you do not show a lot of kindness
tough guya strong man who can deal with difficult or violent situations
town planningurbanistyka
the town of (Drohiczyn)miasto (Drohiczyn)
outskirtsperyferie, obrzeża miasta
town centrecentrum miasta
window shoppingoglądanie wystaw sklepowych
window dressingthe skill of decorating shop windows and arranging goods in them so that they look attractiveTOpeopl
go out of the windowIf a quality, principle, or idea ..., it does not exist any more
a window on/onto/intosomething that shows you what something else is really like