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UNIT 18 - Topic vocabulary: Reactions
acknowledge1/3)to accept or admit that sth exists
acknowledge2/3)to thank someone for sth thay have done or given you, especially in writing or by saying it publ
acknowledge3/3)to show than you have seen someone or that you recognise them, for example by smiling to them
agoniseto spend a long time worrying and being upset about sth
apathyapatia (apaFi)
avoidtry to prevent sth from happening
avoid sbunikać kogoś
avoidto choose not to do sth in order to achieve a better result
behaviourzachowanie (behejwja/bihejwjer)
chucklechichot / chicotać (CzaKyl)
comfortpocieszyć, wspierać, podnieść na duchu (komfyt/komfoyrt)
conductthe way someone behaves, especially in relation to particular rules or accepted ways of behaving
conductto do sth in an organised way (prowadzenie czegoś)
consequencekonsekwencja, następstwo (konsYkłens)
contentmentzadowolenie (when you have everything you want and you enjoy your life) (konTENTment)
crossangry (synonym)
dignitygodność, powaga
disgustniesmak, wstręt (dysGast)
disillusionedrozczarowany (dyzYlużyn)
fed upannoyed or bored with sth that you feel you have accepted for too long
gigglechichot |chichotać|
glanceto look somewhere quickly and then look away
glimpseto see someone or sth for a moment or not comletely
glimpsemignięcie (kiedy ledwo coś dojrzeliśmy)/szybki wgląd (dający mgliste pojęcie o czymś)
gloatto show that you are happy at you own success ot at someone else's failure - chełpić się (glołt)
glumlooking sad, as if you expect sth bad to happen (ponury)
grimacegrymas (grymys) |robić grymas|
grina big smile that shows your teeth |to smile showing your teeth|